Taxable Benefits

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What is a Property Capital Allowance? A Capital Allowance is a taxable benefit against expenditure on Property Plant and Machinery for the purpose of the trade. Who is entitled to these Taxable Benefits? A Company or Individual that carries on a ‘qualifying activity’ and incurs ‘qualifying expenditure’.  The following two very simple prefaces are set…

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Deadline Missed Does Not Mean Opportunity Lost!

Don’t miss the opportunity to recover part, if not all, of the tax due on 31st January 2017! Deadline missed does not mean opportunity lost! As the deadline for completing 2016 self-assessment returns and amending 2015 tax returns rapidly approaches, completing a property capital allowance claim in time is now unlikely. However, your Clients’ tax…

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New Website Launch Annoucement!

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Capital Allowance Review Service is pleased to announce the launch of their New and Improved Website with an additional Research and Development page. We’ve redesigned our website with you in mind. We are excited to announce that our new website has been given a fresh look and is now live.  We aim to supply our visitors with an…

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Unlock Hidden Potential of Capital Allowances

Unlock the potential

Unlock Hidden Potential Property Embedded Fixtures and Features By highlighting unclaimed capital allowable items that are embedded with a commercial property, you could unlock the hidden potential of a tax saving. Capital Allowance claims handled by Capital Allowance Review Service in the past 12 months have ranged between £59,000 and several million.  Almost all of…

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