Reduce Your Tax Bill

Identifying Property Capital Allowances can Reduce Your Tax Bill

Hundreds of thousands of pounds are routinely being missed or lost by UK Tax Payers – Are you one of them?

– Are you a UK Tax Payer with Commercial Property Interests?
– Have you spent capital buying, extending or improving Commercial Property?
– Have you spent capital refurbishing a property since 2008?

Key Questions

– Have you bought or sold a commercial property since April 2014?
– Has the transaction been administered correctly to satisfy new legislation?
– Are you certain all the available tax savings have been extracted from your property expenditure?

Key Fact

On average, for every £100,000 you spend on a qualifying commercial property, there is a perfectly legitimate benefit available of between £20,000 and £25,000.

Action Required

Revisit your property transaction and your property expenditure to ensure the available tax savings are secured – Call us today to enquire.

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Testimonial – “When our Accountant suggested we make a Capital Allowance claim to recover previously paid tax and to offset future tax liabilities we thought this too good to be true, especially when it was suggested we use a company whose fee is based totally upon success.  As there was no financial risk to ourselves we took this advice.  How pleased we are that we did as the results were beyond belief.  Substantial unclaimed capital allowances were identified by the physical survey of the course and buildings.  There was little involvement required from ourselves as the majority of the required information was provided to Capital Allowance Review Service (the Capital Allowance specialist) by our Accountant.  In addition to the very welcome refund from HMRC, we will enjoy additional valuable benefits for a number of years to come.  We unreservedly recommend our friends and colleagues in the golfing fraternity and beyond to take advantage of their expertise and to seek their advice, remembering there is no risk as their fee is contingent upon success” – David Croxton – Cold Ashby Golf Club

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