Property Transactions Legal Pack – CAA2001 Ongoing Challenges

Whether you are buying or selling a commercial property, our experts will help by providing you with a legal pack!  Complex Capital Allowance legislation affects commercial property transactions and it’s a subject solicitors and accountants request support.

Understanding and applying this legislation is difficult and advisors are exposed to negligence claims and tax savings are lost entirely.

Our team of specialists can prepare your legal pack specifically for your commercial property transaction.  Our service provides advice, prepares the relevant legal documentation and reviews aspects of the property relating to property capital allowances.

Why run the risk of getting this wrong when our legal pack service is available?

Are you comfortable dealing with these challenges?:

Are you a Buyer?

  • Are the replies to the Commercial Property Standard Enquiries (CPSE.1) valid? If not, do you know why and how to challenge?
  • Is there a clause inserted into the Purchase Contract that secures your wishes for the transaction specifically and enables you to claim any available tax savings post completion?  Standard templates cannot be inserted, do you know why?
  • Is your Section 198 Election valid?  Do you know when an S198 Election is invalid? Do you know why an Election for £1 is potentially the worst outcome!?

Are you a Seller?

  • Can you complete Section 32 of the CPSE.1?  If this section doesn’t appear to apply to you or you’re unsure what information is required, do you know the risks attached to an empty Section 32?
  • Does the Purchase Contract have a clause that suits your preference to keep or sell capital allowances? Does it reference capital allowances? Every transaction should and templates are not a simple fix!
  • Have you prepared a Section 198 Election?  Do you need to? Is it valid? Section 198 Elections are not always required, however, then they are, very few are done correctly!

Let us give you peace of mind and complete your legal pack and take the risk and responsibility away from you for a fixed cost.

About Capital Allowance Review Service

Capital Allowance Review Service is seen as a Premium Provider in the marketplace due to the experience, technical knowledge and approach to each case.  We have been awarded the Best Property Capital Allowance Firm & Excellence Award for SME R&D Tax Relief in the UK!  This success is a result of having the right technical knowledge in the various required disciplines, together with the relevant experience to reach the highest level of due diligence that allows us to unlock funds which Clients did not know they had.