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Everything You Need to Know About Capital Allowances

Everything you need to know about Capital Allowances

You can’t avoid it, but you still hate thinking about it: taxes. But when tax day rolls around, wouldn’t you rather get a deduction on your taxes? If you haven’t been claiming property capital allowances for your business, you’re missing out on a major tax benefit. Here, we’re breaking down what capital allowances are, what…

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Making a late Capital Allowances claim

August Newsletter

Late Capital Allowance Claim In this newsletter, we share a case that supports the ability to submit a late capital allowance claim i.e. submit a retrospective claim in a tax year that is no longer open for amendment under standard protocol. In the world of tax, case law is a powerful tool that supports a principle and methodology. When…

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What is R&D Tax Credit and How Can I Benefit?

What are R&D Tax Credits and can I benefit?

Governments around the world encourage businesses to invest in research and development as a way of promoting the national economy. The primary incentive used is an R&D tax credit, which rewards firms who invest heavily in forging paths to the future. The research and development tax credit isn’t a novel or unique idea: 29 out…

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