Have your own Capital Allowance Division

Own Capital Allowance Division

Have your own Capital Allowance Division

Greater results come from greater due diligence, resources, and expertise.

That’s where we come in!

We provide an expert team with over 20 years of experience supporting the professional sector with ‘in-house’ PEFF’s claims – Property embedded fixtures and fittings, a part of the capital allowance legislation.

With the new legislation put in place in April 2014, we are seeing more and more struggles with the complexity of these claims, some resulting in legal action being taken. The due diligence needed to complete these claims correctly and to reap the maximum results involves more than many firms can offer alone. This involves taking a proactive approach where possible in providing legal provisions for property purchase contracts and reviewing sellers’ responses to CPSE.1 enquires to ensure the client’s position is protected. In addition, a room-by-room survey of the commercial property and subsequent valuation of the qualifying items, resulting in large amounts of time needed to ensure everything is done correctly.

Part of the claim process must also include understanding the tax profile of the client and putting a plan of action in place to show how the tax benefits can be used correctly once the claim has been calculated. Legislation has now put deadlines in place for certain property transactions. To ensure the client’s best interests are protected, due diligence is required to establish these deadlines and the immediate action necessary to ensure the capital allowances aren’t missed.

With other responsibilities within a practice, time to dedicate to these claims just isn’t an option, despite trying hard to provide the best service for their clients.

How can we help to support your firm?

We can embed a department in your practice solely devoted to dealing with PEFF’s & Capital Allowances.  As far as the client is concerned, we are you – your email address, your paperwork, your letterhead etc. All they will see is that your firm is now supporting them in areas they didn’t have the facilities to do so before!

We have built a strong process which means we do all the hard work from start to finish. This includes dealing with HMRC, including any queries after submission! This really shows our confidence in the claims we process and are pleased to say that we have had 100% success.

Importantly – we also understand and deal with the changes in legislation and how it applies. We can also provide a commercial property legal pack for reference to Solicitors.

Our focus is to build and protect reputations with fees contingent on success.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch to discuss further.