Embedded Capital Allowance Claims

Embedded Capital Allowance Claims

Embedded Capital Allowance Claims

Hundreds of thousands of pounds are routinely being missed or lost by UK Tax Payers – Are you one of them?

If you haven’t claimed Embedded Capital Allowances for your business, then you are missing out on a major tax benefit that could significantly impact your tax liabilities.

Capital Allowance claims have helped many of our clients financially to retrieve funds that otherwise would have been lost if they hadn’t pursued a claim. These claims are only possible with extra due diligence applied bespoke to each claim.

This month we wanted to show you some examples of the cases we have worked on.

Click below to see some great savings in this months selection of case studies

Case Study 1 – John Fowler Holiday Parks 

The claim was in respect of 11 UK-based holiday parks which the client incurred ongoing costs to improve and refurbish that spanned over 25 years.

Unclaimed Capital Allowances of £6,700,000

Total Tax Savings Achieved £1,270,000

Case Study 2 – Music Institute 

In this claim, we reviewed our client’s expenditure costs to improve and refurbish five properties over a 17 year period.
We highlighted Capital Allowances that secured tax savings that both recovered tax paid and formed a key part of the company’s future tax planning.

Refurbishment Costs of £2,000,000

Unclaimed Capital Allowances £560,000

Case Study 3 – Serviced Accommodation 

Our client gained a total tax saving of £115,639 by claiming the unclaimed capital allowances from the conversion and refurbishment expenditure to their four-storey property.

Cost of Renovation £1,906,063

Unclaimed Capital Allowances £553,299

Case Study 4 – Property Investment Fund 

Reviewing the property costs for our client highlighted a staggering £428,768 of unclaimed capital allowances from their 38 properties.

Total Purchase Cost £2,601,686

Total Tax Saving £84,032

To find out if you’re missing out on an important opportunity for a refund or to mitigate a future tax bill, a 10-minute call is all you need to spare to find out if you’re eligible.  Call us today to enquire.