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79 days left to submit your 2017 to 2018 tax return!

The 31st January 2019 is the deadline for completing 2017 Self Assessment returns and for amending 2016 Tax Returns. Now is the opportunity to review your Client’s tax position and to consider who can benefit from the tax savings available by claiming Property Capital Allowances on the Embedded Fixtures and Features within commercial buildings, including unclaimed…

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Structural Buildings Allowance in the Budget 2018

Structural Buildings Allowance

For companies owning and investing in commercial property, the Budget 2018 saw some good and perhaps unexpected news. Structural Buildings Allowance Structural Buildings Allowance (SBA) is an entirely new relief designed to write off the construction costs of a building (excluding plant). It will be available to all new commercial property owners where the development…

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Is Your Company attempting to develop a new product?

You are probably carrying out a qualifying activity that could reduce your tax liabilities or generate cash for your business! *Free Initial Assessment with a 5-minute form* Governments around the world are encouraging businesses to invest in research and development as a way of promoting the national economy.  The primary incentive used is Research and…

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Property Tax Specialists of the Year 2018 – Staffordshire

We are proud to be announced a winner in the Midlands Enterprise Awards 2018.  Here’s what they said about us… Capital Allowance Review Service is an innovative Midlands based company dedicated to the tax benefit available from commercial properties, resulting in significant recovery and reduction in tax liabilities for its valued clients.  Having recognised the…

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Have you claimed your tax boost?

We are pleased to disclose that Taxation has used the following content in this month’s newsletter to their subscribers. Have you or your client spent capital buying or improving commercial property? You or your client are probably sitting on significant hidden tax savings just waiting to be released through a Capital Allowances claim. Free Initial…

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Making a late Capital Allowances claim

August Newsletter

Late Capital Allowance Claim In this newsletter, we share a case that supports the ability to submit a late capital allowance claim i.e. submit a retrospective claim in a tax year that is no longer open for amendment under standard protocol. In the world of tax, case law is a powerful tool that supports a principle and methodology. When…

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Property Capital Allowances Help Your HMRC enquiry

HMRC Enquiry

  HMRC enquires can be time-consuming and costly. Here we share how our property capital allowance claim helped our client draw their enquiry to a close! An individual or a company may experience many or few HMRC enquiry’s during their working life cycle. It’s an experience very few (if any) would welcome and once an enquiry…

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Legislation affecting Commercial Property Transactions post April 2014

  Commercial property transactions post-April 2014 are subject to a dramatic change in legislation. Commercial property improvements and transactions pre April 2014 are not affected by this legislation. Property Embedded Capital Allowances (not chattels) should be considered for all commercial property transactions. The legislation stipulates Property Capital Allowances should now be clearly documented creating better transparency. Two…

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R&D Tax Credits – Can You Claim?

R and T Tax Credits

Research and Development Tax Credits Naturally, you will have a lot of questions when it comes to making a claim, but the most frequent question is likely to be ‘Can I claim?’ R&D Tax Relief is a Government Incentive to encourage companies to invest in R&D activities by claiming relief on qualifying costs. It’s a…

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Property Capital Allowances

Capital Allowances Explained A Capital Allowance is a taxable benefit against expenditure on Property Plant and Machinery (for the purpose of the trade) that is often overlooked and undervalued by many commercial property owners.  The tax savings from this additional layer embedded within a commercial property is significant and a small example includes lifts, fire escapes,…

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