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The Different Types of Capital Allowance

Taxes have long been a point of contention between businesses and the government. Luckily, your business can claim some tax relief if it operates using eligible assets. Any item that offers your business a tangible benefit over a long period of time can usually be considered for a capital allowance. This means they can be…

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Everything You Need to Know About Capital Allowances

Everything you need to know about Capital Allowances

You can’t avoid it, but you still hate thinking about it: taxes. But when tax day rolls around, wouldn’t you rather get a deduction on your taxes? If you haven’t been claiming property capital allowances for your business, you’re missing out on a major tax benefit. Here, we’re breaking down what capital allowances are, what…

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What is R&D Tax Credit and How Can I Benefit?

What are R&D Tax Credits and can I benefit?

Governments around the world encourage businesses to invest in research and development as a way of promoting the national economy. The primary incentive used is an R&D tax credit, which rewards firms who invest heavily in forging paths to the future. The research and development tax credit isn’t a novel or unique idea: 29 out…

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What are Property Capital Allowances and can you claim them?

What are capital allowances and can you claim them

Businesses typically claim less than 50% of their capital allowances than they are entitled to every year. Are you missing out on substantial tax savings? Property allowances provide tax relief on necessary expenditure to buy or invest in assets for your business. For example, buying furniture for your holiday let can be allowable. There are…

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Deadline 31st January 2017

Don’t Miss the Deadline to Claim Capital Allowances for 2015! Deadline: 31st January 2017 For completing 2016 Self Assessment returns & for amending 2015 Tax Returns Now is a prime opportunity to review your Client’s tax position and to determine who may benefit from the tax savings available by claiming Property Capital Allowances on the Embedded Fixtures…

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Capital Allowances – Common Misconception

A Common Misconception of Capital Allowances Common Misconception! One of the most common misconception is the view that any benefit achieved by claiming Property Capital Allowances will be cancelled out later by an increased chargeable gain (if, of course, the property is ever sold). This is not true and made clear in Section 41 (1)…

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Your Untapped Opportunity from Unclaimed Costs!

What is the untapped opportunity in ‘Property Embedded Fixtures & Features’ within Commercial Property? We know that many companies and individuals are missing out on millions of pounds of tax savings that are not currently being claimed on commercial properties.  Many commercial property owners believe they are claiming all the Capital Allowances they are entitled to.…

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Capital Allowances Interview with Property TV

Interview with Property TV Could 80% of Capital Allowances really be left unclaimed? What Property TV said about us. According to Capital Allowance Review Service the tax savings from an additional layer of scrutiny by Capital Allowance Review Service, by highlighting previously unclaimed items of allowable capital, embedded deeper in the business are significant. Claims handled by…

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