Our Successful Formula

Our Successful Formula

Legal Skills

At the point of acquisition or disposal of a commercial property, there is a substantial legal point that is hugely understated. If the right advice is not applied this could significantly impact the ability to secure unclaimed capital allowances.

Property Expertise

Our Chartered Surveyors understand the property and are experienced in identifying property embedded plant & machinery.

Accountancy Skills

Our Chartered Accountants complete the required level due diligence in the analysis of the Accounts, Tax Returns, Fixtures & Fittings, and Repairs & Renewals, etc.

Taxation Knowledge

We feel having Chartered Tax Advisors is a crucial part of having the ability to advise clients how best to utilise the identified unclaimed Capital Allowances. We have the ability to take into consideration their existing tax position, the potential for tax refunds and if applicable Group and Sideways Relief. We discuss their current tax position and the potential the identified Capital Allowances could have to improve their future tax position.

Plant & Machinery Valuations

Our policy is to utilise an Independent Quantity Surveyor to cost identified Capital Allowances relevant to the date of expenditure.

Open Communication

We communicate with all Client Advisors to ensure that all elements of their accounting history and tax position have been considered holistically. The timing of the claim from a tax point of view is crucial as is making sure that a claim to Capital Allowances is not being duplicated. We liaise and communicate openly with our Client's Advisers.

Direct HMRC Interaction

We take complete responsibility and defend against HMRC Enquiries. We take responsibility for the claim from start to finish including, and being responsible for, all communication with HMRC. This would include any subsequent queries and, or, correspondence after the claim has been submitted.