R&D Proof Reading

Need a Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credits proof reading service?

R&D Proof Reading

Need a Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credits proof reading service?

As the subject of R&D Tax Credits is no longer new, more advisors and companies feel confident in completing claims themselves. However, for those that want a second opinion from an expert without the full consultancy costs, before submitting to HMRC, our proofreading service is ideal.

Stage 1

We will review your Technical Report to highlight potential weaknesses questionable by HMRC

Stage 2

We review the financial elements, highlighting possible missed costs and over aggressive claims

Stage 3

A report is provided at a fixed cost avoiding high full consultancy fees

We work with advisors to add value and contribute to the growth of their client’s business through their R&D Projects.

  • Proof Reading Technical Reports is a crucial step before submitting your R&D Tax Relief claim to HMRC.
  • We highlight any material weaknesses in the claim or areas where the narrative is overly complex.
  • The Technical Report should answer the questions that HMRC will be asking and our review will make sure that it does.
  • We review the financial elements of the claim, identifying possible areas where costs may have been missed or where the percentage of activity might seem overly aggressive.
  • Although we are not able to guarantee a review by HMRC, we are able to highlight areas where improvements can be made to prevent a curious inspector seeking answers that maybe should have been provided.

Peace of Mind

We aim to give you peace of mind that your claim should be successful.



“The CARS proofreading service was an invaluable resource, providing technical advice and peace of mind in what is a complex area of tax.”

David Lewis | Director
Virtus Accounting Limited