About Us

About Us

Our pledge is to provide you with exceptional service and ensure that it's tailored to meet your individual needs. Capital Allowance Review Service Limited is seen as a Premium Provider in the marketplace due to the experience, technical knowledge and approach to cases.

Capital Allowances Online Group merged with Capital Allowance Review Service in 2013 to offer a Property Tax Consultancy business who can deliver strong advice to your business. As a team, Capital Allowance Review Service is strengthened by a set of multi skilled staff who have been operating for over 60 years. These include Chartered Accountants, Tax Experts, Ex-HMRC Inspectors, Surveyors and many other qualified individuals to ensure that we reach the highest level of due diligence.

Capital Allowance Review Service are completely dedicated to the tax benefit available from commercial properties resulting in significant tax recovery and reduction in tax liabilities for our Clients. As a result of the commitment from all involved in the company, Capital Allowance Review Service have obtained numerous new Clients from satisfied recommendations and continue to improve their levels of service using their strength and skills throughout the industry.We are not a rival accounting company looking to acquire Clients.

The aim of capital allowances is to give tax relief for the reduction in value of certain capital assets used by a business, by letting the business write off the cost of the assets over a number of years against the taxable income of the business.

Why Us

We are the Property Capital Allowances Experts

The Company specialises in Property Capital Allowance recovery for businesses who have outstanding claims available to them in respect of commercial property. Since inception, the Company has undertaken retrospective Capital Allowance claims for businesses that have resulted in repayments of tax, plus a tax credit going forward to offset against future tax liabilities.

The claims arise due to the complicated nature of the laws governing Capital Allowances and the frequent changes that have taken place over recent years. It takes our specialist commitment and knowledge to remain up to date with such legislation, and consequently, to recognise all assets that are eligible for Capital Allowances, in particular, those that are inherent within a property. This usually arises from a lack of detailed information available to the Accountant when claims are made. However, Capital Allowance Review Service has the skills and expertise necessary to overcome these hurdles and to submit a comprehensive claim to HMRC.

The essential skills we have to achieve a 100% claims record

The Company has enjoyed considerable success and has obtained significant tax refunds for its ever-increasing Client base as most businesses find they have an outstanding, usually substantial claim available.

This success is a result of having the right technical knowledge in the various required disciplines together with the relevant experience required to specialise in this area unlocking funds Clients did not know they had.

We manage the process from start to finish

Our service is comprehensive and deals with ALL issues from start to finish in the process including 12 months after the claim has been submitted to HMRC. See 'Our Process' indicating a comparison of our operation compared to most other providers, we have a 100% success record.

Fees Policy

The benefits of a typical capital allowances claim result in tax savings over a number of years, it is important where possible that the payment of fees does not disrupt the Clients cash flow.

We ensure that our fees are tailored to the Client and they will see a financial benefit in both the short and long term. Occasionally, due to the Client circumstances, we have had to advise that it is not beneficial for them to make a capital allowances claim. We believe that being honest with our Clients strengthens business relationships and will help to boost our reputation.

Referral Fees for Professionals

Referrals from Accountants, Solicitors and Property Advisors is a way in which we continue to grow our business. The referrals generate substantial tax savings for Clients and improve Client relationships for Advisors who work with us.

Why refer your clients to us?

  • We are the UK Property Tax Specialists with the technical support you need.
  • Generate substantial tax savings for clients and improve client relationships.
  • Broaden your services with our knowledge.
  • We'll keep you compliant with current legislation.
  • No upfront costs.  Clients are only invoiced when the case is completed.  Our fee is shared once the client settles their account.
  • Make the introduction to us and we'll make contact, keeping you updated every step of the way.

Our Awards

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