Stage 1: Free Initial Assessment

  • Initial Chat

    You will speak to one of our Directors and our Business Development team to discuss your potential claim and the information required.

  • Initial Review

    Our Technical team will review key property information, accounting & tax records along with information held on public file.

  • Illustrate & Engage

    Where a claim is possible, we will produce a bespoke illustration indicating the potential claim and crucially how that claim could be applied to your tax profile.

    Once all parties are happy, we issue our engagement documents for signing.

Stage 2: Establish Claim

  • Case Management

    Our dedicated Project Management team will be in touch to organise your case and request any further property or accounting information needed.

  • Survey & Review

    The Project Management team will contact you to arrange a survey of the property or gather key information for the surveying part of the process. Once completed, we will issue a Survey Report for you to review and discuss.

    Learn more about our property surveys.

  • Technical analysis

    Using the valuations from the surveying process, the Technical team will complete an analysis of the information by applying the appropriate legislation and ensuring items are removed that:

    • should not be included
    • that do not qualify
    • that have already been treated by the client’s accountants

Stage 3: Tax Work (Retrospective Claims)

  • Claim Summary & Tax Work

    Our Technical team will then apply the available Capital Allowance pools to the highlighted & qualifying items in the most tax-efficient way e.g. Annual Investment Allowance, Full Expensing, Structures & Buildings Allowance, etc.

    We will then produce your claim summary and determine the best approach for tax.

  • Claim Submission

    Where it is possible to amend a tax return and resubmit to HMRC, this process is completed in-house maintaining direct communication with HMRC as and when required.

  • Final Reports

    Once all tax work is completed, Final Reports will be prepared and issued to you and your Accountant.


Whether you, your Accountants, or even HMRC have any questions after the claim has been submitted, we’re here to help.

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