Capital Allowance Expertise

We are a team of specialists dedicated to advising and processing capital allowance claims associated with property. We therefore have a team of individuals who work through capital allowance legislation to build an expert knowledge of qualify expenditure and ensure the correct approach is taken to every given scenario. Capital Allowances is a key example of how new legislation and updates to existing legislation has created complications justifying the requirement for standalone expertise.

Open Communication

Open, honest and affective communication has been a key part of our business and has proven to be recognised through the repeat business we receive. Internally we have built a system enabling us to manage our clients claims with a regular flow of communication with our clients and advisors.

Legal & Legislation Knowledge

At the point of acquisition or disposal of a commercial property, there is a substantial legislation point that is hugely understated.

We have the right knowledge to safeguard you and your clients’ interests and secure unclaimed capital allowances.
The interpretation of legal contracts and property ownership is an important aspect to determine the availability of claims.

Property Expertise

Our team of registered Chartered Surveyors are experienced in identifying property embedded fixtures and fittings and cover the whole of the UK.

PEFFs Valuations

Our team of Quantity Surveyors will value PEFFs relevant to the date of expenditure. Our surveyors are accredited with the RICS Valuer Registration Scheme which enables us to value items in accordance with the RICS Valuation Standards.

Taxation Knowledge

Our Chartered Tax Advisors are crucial in advising clients how best to utilise the identified unclaimed capital allowances.

They have the ability to take into consideration clients’ existing tax position, the potential for tax refunds and potentially any Group or Sideways relief.

We will also go further, discussing how the identified capital allowances could improve your current and future tax position.

Accountancy Skills

Our Chartered Accountants complete a high level of due diligence in the analysis of Accounts, Tax Returns, Fixtures & Fittings, and Repairs & Renewals to support our approach when submitting claims to HMRC.

Direct HMRC Interaction

We take full responsibility for the claim from start to finish, including all communication with HMRC.

20+ Years of Experience

Exclusively processing capital allowance claims.

Read our Case Studies and Testimonials to find out more.

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