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Since the legislation changes in April 2014, navigating the complexities to do with Capital Allowance claims has become increasingly challenging. With some cases even ending with legal disputes. Therefore our level of due diligence required to optimise tax reliefs is of the highest level. This ensures accurate completion of Capital Allowance claims, which often surpasses the capabilities of many firms.

For many accountants and advisors, balancing these responsibilities alongside other duties within a practice presents a significant challenge. Making dedicated attention to these claims unfeasible, despite earnest efforts to provide clients with the highest level of service. That’s where our team of experts can support.

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Protecting your client's tax benefits

Plus, your reputation

How do we do this?

  • We provide the best advice and legal provisions for property contracts. By reviewing sellers’ responses to CPSE.1 enquiries and preparing Section 198 Elections.
  • Our team completes assessments of clients’ property costs to determine whether tax savings can be achieved whilst satisfying complex legislation.
  • We undertake detailed site inspections surveying properties room-by-room and calculating any unclaimed qualifying PEFFs.
  • Our team of experts understand the tax profile of clients. We put a plan of action in place to show how the tax benefits can be used in the most tax-effective way.
  • We establish any deadlines that the client may have and take the immediate action necessary to ensure any capital allowances aren’t missed.
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How can we help to support your business?

We become part of "your team"

By entering into a trusted partnership with CARS, you are effectively embedding another department into your practice. This team is solely devoted to dealing with Property Embedded Capital Allowances.

We will successfully manage:

  • White labelled arrangements
  • Dual branded offerings
  • Trusted third-party partners

Our ethos is to carry out our expertise and support. We do this in a manner that helps advisors build, protect and create relationships.

Discover more about our robust process and what makes us one of the best

  • M

    Tayler Bradshaw Accountants

    CARS were introduced to my firm by a former colleague and I quickly put them in touch with a client to perform a capital allowances check on a building they own. The entire process from start to finish was excellent with the findings more than pleasing the client. I would certainly recommend using CARS in the future.   Continue reading

    Mark Atkins


  • K

    ADD Accounting Solutions

    I found CARS through an advertisement and referred to a client that I knew could benefit from their expertise. The experience was smooth and the claim was processed quickly and my client was pleased with the results. A good amount of tax was saved, so everyone was a winner. I will happily use them again for any other clients... Continue reading

    Krysia Smith


  • S

    High Net Worth Advisory

    Over the years I’ve been approached to promote Capital Allowances to clients from various companies. I must say I never saw the real potential until I started working with Chris and his team. In a few months, they’ve secured thousands of pounds of savings for clients and the pipeline is growing. I think the true reason... Continue reading

    Sanjay Kachhela

    Managing Director

  • D

    DMD Management Services / Auditel

    The whole process is very simple and I have experienced no problems at all when dealing with CARS. One of the areas that impress me the most with the service they provide is their depth of knowledge. The other area is their determination and willingness to see the claim right through to the end. I have introduced a number... Continue reading

    Daryn Dodge

    Cost Management Consultant

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