We pride ourselves on our first-class exceptional service to all our clients.

Our highly experienced team is dedicated to ensuring each case is tailored to meet the individual needs of the client and we work closely with you every step of the way.  Our feedback and testimonials prove why Capital Allowance Review Service is the perfect choice for your Property Capital Allowance and R&D Tax Credit claims.

“We completed a claim with Capital Allowance Review Service on a large number of our properties and we were delighted with the savings we made. Since completing the claim, they now support us on an ongoing basis when buying and selling property. CARS are very much part of our buying and selling process and we are pleased to now have them as part of our routine. Capital allowance claims can save businesses like ours huge amounts of money. We would definitely recommend CARS to others that are looking for support in this area. We have found CARS to be professional, efficient, and provide an excellent service.”

David Palmer | Managing Director
The Palmer Family Trust Ltd

“I was pleased with the service received from CARS. This is not something I had done before. I had no concerns that CARS wouldn’t do a great job in processing the claim, I did, however, have concerns that they wouldn’t find enough to justify a claim. I’m pleased to say though that there was a substantial amount of capital allowances to be identified which resulted in a good tax saving.”
James Daw | Director
Thorpe Constantine Events Ltd
“Everything was open from the very start, there was a clear plan of how the claim would be completed. The surveyors were very good and I couldn’t fault the process. I was unsure as to whether to complete a claim and whether it was worth it, but this is money that belongs to me and I’m now able to reap the benefits through my future tax bills, so I’m pleased that I did.”
John Batt | Director
Porthllongdy Farm & Caravan Site Ltd
“I referred my client and the experience we had with CARS was brilliant. I didn’t have to get involved too much which was great. I am actively looking for other clients that have commercial property interests that CARS can help support me with.”
Sachin Anand | Director
Green Oak Accountants

“I have worked with CARS on 2 separate claims for my clients and comparing them to other firms I have used I am overall really pleased with the service provided. The process was smooth and everything was completed on time. I met with one of the surveyors and he was very good. I couldn’t fault anything. They even provided extra support with some questions I had regarding things that weren’t related to the claims we were working on. They went that extra mile to help me wherever they could. I will definitely be leaning on them for support moving forward.”

Faisal Aslam | Director
Countplus Accounting

"I got in touch with CARS to help support us with our clientele of Holiday Park Owners. It’s important to us as a company that our clients receive the best service and CARS certainly helped us to do this. I wasn’t involved much with the process as CARS took the lead with everything, dealing directly with the client. However, we do know that the client received great results from their claim and they were pleased with the service – that’s all that matters to us. We will continue to work with them on further claims for our clients."

David Prince | Director

“I wasn’t involved much with the process but everything went smoothly and my client was happy with the service. I will be working with CARS again on further claims.”

Roy Brown | Director
RLJB business consulting Ltd

“CARS completed a capital allowance claim for my client.  It was a good overall experience. They were professional for the client and they worked well dealing with us as the accountant. I’d happily work with them again when the opportunity arises.”

Jonathan Loescher | Director
Jonathan Loescher & Co Ltd

“It was a quick and easy process. I wasn’t involved too much but throughout I was kept informed and I would say that was the part that impressed me the most, the consistency and the good communication. I’m looking to refer other clients to CARS as and when they arise.”

Colin French | Accounts Manager
JT Thomas & Co Chartered Accountants

“CARS completed 2 capital allowance claims for my client. Everything was painless and easy. I really appreciated the fact that they didn’t need much of my involvement with the process. They were punctual with everything and this was a much better overall service compared with other providers that I have used previously. I will definitely be leaning on them in the future.”

Adam O’Hara | Executive Director
PSF Accounting

"I am one of the partners of a two-partner accountancy practice which celebrated over 100 years of providing client service.
When we moved offices nearly three years ago we were introduced to a firm called Capital Allowance Review Service who specialises in making sure you claim the maximum amount of tax allowances possible for commercial property.
Like many other general practitioners, we thought that we knew all the important stuff about capital allowances...after Paul Roberts had finished with us we realised there was a whole lot more to be claimed than we first thought!
In fact, CARS identified £58,000 of capital allowances over and above what we had already identified on a building with a cost of £400,000.
For those of you who own commercial property or who have clients who own commercial property you simply must ensure that you/they have claimed as much as possible because if you don't, somebody else will! Being able to tap into a specialist organisation that does all the technical and research work for you is a huge relief and makes you stand out compared to the competition."

Chris Booth | Partner
McKellens Charted Accountants

“My client dealt with the claim themselves directly with CARS, however, the small involvement that I did have was very good and I wouldn’t hesitate to refer other clients that could benefit from their services. The one thing I would like to say is that I was impressed with the reports they produced at the end of the claim, they were very clear and easy to follow.”

Nick Frost | Director
Lambert Roper & Horsfield Ltd

“Given we were in the middle of COVID19 communication channels were very good regarding the required survey and the claim process. I feel their process had fair pricing and good servicing levels - always keeping me informed. Overall, I was very happy.”

Simon Thompsett | Property Investor

“We had a really good experience using CARS to complete our capital allowance claim. Everything was so easy and the cost was lower than what we have paid before with other companies providing this service.”

Kerrie Mason | Accountant
Cathedral Leasing Limited

"I have used the Capital Allowance Review Service on a number of occasions over the years and have always found the team to be professional and attentive to our requirements. Chris and the team explain fully the scope of the work carried out and are extremely knowledgeable in this field. Audits are carried out with the minimum of fuss or disruption on site and reports are produced quickly and, more importantly, accurately. Great company to do business with."

Martin McCormick | Finance Director
TG Holdcroft Holdings Ltd

“CARS did a good job and I would encourage others to pursue completing a claim with them.”

Linda Valentine | PA
C is for Cat Ltd

“Everything was very clear and the process very smooth. I was very happy with the service I received. When my current capital allowances are used up, I shall be coming back to CARS to survey another house, and possibly our Greek villas too!”

Marcus Milton | Property Investor

“CARS provided an efficient and timely service which demonstrated great value for money”.

Bernard Yeboah | Group Finance Director
BIMM Institute
“Everything went well and we were pleased with the results. We were recommended through our accountant, whom we trust, so we had no concerns when allowing the CARS team to process our claim. We would happily recommend others as they did a good job.”
Nick Williams | Director
The Horse & Groom (Holbeach) Ltd

“CARS were introduced to my firm by a former colleague and I quickly put them in touch with a client to perform a capital allowances check on a building they own. The entire process from start to finish was excellent with the findings more than pleasing the client. I would certainly recommend using CARS in the future.”

Mark Atkins | Director
Tayler Bradshaw Accountants

“My involvement wasn’t needed as the CARS team took control of everything. It was a good smooth process and the client was happy. It was everything I could have asked for.”

Shiran Wynter | Partner
MHA MacIntyre Hudson

“The process was fairly smooth and the surveyors were nice and friendly. My accountant advised that I work with CARS on processing a capital allowance claim with them being specialised in this area. I didn’t get an immediate tax benefit but I look forward to reaping the benefits in future years. I hope to work with CARS again.”

Jon Newall | Property Investor

"Completing a capital allowance claim is a complicated process. I had no problems with CARS and the service was very good. I would definitely recommend them."

John Sansom | Director
Greensafe IT Ltd

“The process was very good and hassle-free. They have a lot of knowledge on what can and can’t be claimed, making this a separate area of expertise from what accountants can offer. We had a lot of reassurance throughout and they gave us a potential estimate on what they hope to achieve with the claim. The final results were bang on, they certainly delivered. We are hoping to work with them again on another upcoming project we have and we will definitely be happy to recommend them to others.”

Mark Donnelly | Project Manager
Don Holdings Ni Ltd

“I was recommended to CARS. Initially, I was worried that I would be paying for a service and then, later on, find out I’m ineligible to make a claim. However, after speaking to Chris, he explained about their ‘no claim, no fee’ policy which put me at ease knowing I couldn’t lose. Chris was great at explaining everything to me - relaying all the complex information in layman’s terms so I could easily understand. He also only gave me the information that I needed to know; he didn’t overwhelm me with unnecessary information which I was grateful for. The whole process was hassle-free. I thought there would have to be inspections carried out, however, the team was able to complete a remote survey from pictures and videos I sent over. Overall, a really good service.”

Amit Kainth | Director
Schoolwear Inc Ltd

“The service was very good. It was informative and the management of the claim was excellent. I had concerns initially as to whether we would be eligible for a claim, but everything was explained very well. We have a few properties we plan to purchase next year and we will definitely be using CARS again for these.”

Paul Leavers | Director
Supporting Lives Ltd

“This is not something I had considered before and was recommended by an accountant. I was impressed by the explanation of everything – how it worked, how the system worked - I learned a lot. Overall, it was a very good experience.”

Ryan Lothian | Partner
Williamstone Farm Steadings

"Paul presented at one of our online commercial courses and it was a huge success. We had 156 delegates and there were definitely light bulb moments in the group. The information on capital allowances was presented in such a natural way that all attending benefitted fully by understanding everything that was explained to them. Paul was very helpful in conveying the information in a simple but informative way. He is clearly knowledgeable in his area of expertise. I would highly recommend anyone considering having CARS for a training session. The benefits from these sessions are invaluable and we will definitely be having Paul back on a regular basis for our commercial courses."

Harriet Dunn | Business Builder
Elevated Elephant Consulting

“It was a comprehensive service and they saved me a good amount of tax. I got involved with Chris in the early stages and he was excellent at handling it all. It was hassle-free and they just got on with it.”

Joseph Thompson | Director
Thompson Management Services Blackpool Ltd

“The process was super easy with no problems at all. I had an initial chat with Chris where we discussed what the potential claim may be and that amount was achieved in the results, so a great outcome. This isn’t my line of work, so I really liked that I could just detach myself from it and let it happen. I was working away at the time, so all contact was dealt with through email, which was great. I’m really pleased with the overall service and will be passing their details on to contacts that I know who could also benefit from their expertise.”

Joel Bailey | Property Investor

"Paul delivered an excellent virtual presentation to our new affiliates on Capital Allowances.  We had a great response from all who joined.  The information was understandable, even to those unacquainted with this topic.  They have years of experience in this sector and you can really tell through their depth of knowledge when any question is thrown at them.  It was an enjoyable and informative experience.  I think this is a good exercise for all that require an understanding of capital allowances to fully provide the best service for their clients.  Even under lockdown, the virtual presentation worked a treat!  A great opportunity to bring teams together even when working remotely."

Paul Foster
Client Development & Management Specialist
Auditel UK Limited

“I found CARS through an advertisement and referred to a client that I knew could benefit from their expertise. The experience was smooth and the claim was processed quickly and my client was pleased with the results. A good amount of tax was saved, so everyone was a winner. I will happily use them again for any other clients I come across that could benefit from a claim.”

Krysia Smith | Owner
ADD Accounting Solutions

"I've used CARS with several of my clients and always been impressed with the results. Would happily recommend."

David Powell | Senior Partner

“We experienced a smooth service; everything went fine and we were happy with the results. We would be happy to recommend others as there is a benefit for everyone by completing these claims.”

Eddy Eliaz | Director
Sporting Wholesale Holdings Ltd

“Everything went smoothly and it was all well explained. The team took over and everything was done and dusted. I was more than happy with the service, I felt it was all very efficient. They helped save me tax that I didn’t realise I could save. I love the ‘no claim, no fee’ policy. I have passed on their details to some contacts of mine. I will certainly be encouraging them to pursue this as it’s a no brainer.”

Rik Jethwa | Owner
White House Dental Practice

“CARS completed a capital allowance claim for my client and the overall experience was very good. My involvement wasn’t needed much, which was good. The process seemed very structured compared to others that I know who have completed claims with other companies. I would be happy to forward on other clients with commercial property interests as and when they arise.”

Peter Bracewell | Director
CWR Accountants

“The process was very painless. I wasn’t heavily involved, I just handed over the required information and the team just got on with it. It was a professional and well-rounded service.”

Dino Markou | Director
Ryland Estates Ltd

“CARS completed a claim for my client and everything was excellent. They took control of everything which was what I liked the most. It all worked really well and I’m very happy with the service.”

Ian Wolfson | Director
Wolfson Associates Limited

“The process worked very well with little involvement from ourselves, which I liked. We were kept informed all the way through. Our client was really pleased with the results and therefore we would happily recommend any other clients we have that could benefit from completing this.”

Steven Bourne | Managing Director
The Chartwell Practice

"It was our first time completing a capital allowance claim and we were pleased with the results. We received a good tax deduction. What made it easier was the seamless communication between CARS and our accountants. We got involved in the areas that required our assistance, such as access to the site for the survey to be completed. However, when it came to the final report, our accountants were able to get involved with this directly which was a great help. We have already engaged CARS again on another commercial to residential project we are working on."

Peter Ngo | Director

“Everything was straight forward, we did the survey remotely and this worked really well. I took a series of photos of the premises and numbered these, then produced a spreadsheet referring to the numbered photos itemising as much as I could to assist the survey.  It probably took the best part of a day of my time in total.

It was great that CARS could liaise with our accountants on some of the more technical aspects of accounting and I had no concerns about the process, it all seemed pretty straightforward to me; in fact, I have given CARS details to our accountants, suggesting that they recommend the service to other clients of theirs as we have been so impressed. 

It was a hassle-free service helping us recover tax that otherwise, we would have lost. We are only a small business with a small premises but it was still worth us pursuing..”

Victoria Clayton | Business Operations Manager
Certikit Ltd

“The process was very easy and straightforward. The team dealt mainly with our accountant which was great. We were very pleased with the results.”

Michelle Watson | Financial Director
D W Clark & Sons Ltd 

“Everything was great. The team took control of everything and processed it all very efficiently. The process required little involvement from me which was perfect.”

Adam Eliaz | Director
DNA Leisure Holdings Limited

“I was apprehensive to start as to whether I would benefit from completing this, but everything went fine. The process was lengthy but this was due to the amount of work involved, completed by the team. I was always kept in the loop with good communication. Natasha particularly was always there and answered all my queries. I have already passed on your details to an interested family member.”

SR | Property Investor

“My biggest concerns before starting the process were who CARS were and whether I could trust them, as always is the case when you engage with a company you have never worked with before. I hadn’t met Chris but after speaking to him on the phone I could tell he was trustworthy. He had a nice voice and put me at ease when he went through everything with me. I’m pleased to say that my whole experience with them was good. It was an easy, pain-free process and there really is nothing to lose. I have come across people in my line of work that has completed these claims before so I knew it wasn’t a scam. I would happily recommend others to CARS”

Catherine Bennett | Director
Catherine Bennett Chartered Accountants

Over the years I’ve been approached to promote Capital Allowances to clients from various companies.

I must say I never saw the real potential until I started working with Chris and his team.
In a few months, they’ve secured thousands of pounds of savings for clients and the pipeline is growing.
I think the true reason that coupled with their experience is a team that can speak to clients in their language, putting them at ease and delivering the savings.
Sanjay Kachhela | Managing Director
High Net Worth Advisory

"We used CARs to support GSA with our research and development tax credit claims. They were professional and provided us with easy to complete templates and guided us through the process of determining how much we could claim. A great experience with a very positive outcome on the balance sheet."

Dave Blackburn | Technical Director

“When anyone generally says the word “tax” to me there is usually that feeling of anxiety due to not understanding the complicated UK tax system, the jargon, forms and code references that come with it, and the concern of how much this would cost. However, I can hand on heart say that Chris and the Capital Allowance Review service made the process around claiming capital allowances completely painless and quick, supported by clear and full explanations. The added bonus was we saved tax, so for a friendly and supportive service I would highly recommend the CA team”

Victoria Sylvester | Partner
AVC Investments

We got a good result and everything was positive, there’s not one negative thing from the whole experience. You held our hand through the whole thing and the communication was excellent. We didn’t understand about capital allowances but everything was explained thoroughly to us before the process started. We will definitely be recommending others because if you can also save them tax like you did with us, why wouldn’t we! Keep up the good work!

Darren Young | Director
The Deepings Caravan Park

"The CARS team were very professional and efficient in assessing and completing claims for my hospitality business. All stages of the process were explained thoroughly and we were delighted with the tax refunds which were generated and the additional reliefs available for future years."

Charles Randall | Director
Rutland Retreats Ltd

“I had a good experience working with you all. Chris in particular is a pleasant guy and was easy to communicate with. You helped me to achieve a good tax saving, higher than what was expected. You were also very flexible with the payment of fees which I really value this added touch when I deal with a company. I want to thank you for the great service you have given me and I have recommended you to quite a few of my contacts. Many people don’t know this service is available and they should as the benefits are large.”

Tom Wilkinson | Managing Owner
Salt Winds Skye Holiday Let

“The communication was good and I particularly liked that you communicated directly with the accountant. This meant that little leg work was required from me and I didn’t have to pass information to the accountant. The organising of the survey was also really good. The claim we achieved wasn’t massive resulting in you adapting the fees for us, you were really honest and genuine with regards to this which we really liked.”

Andrew Arnold | Property Investor

We found Capital Allowance Review Service to take a professional approach to assessing potential capital allowance claims walking us through the process and making necessary arrangements for our property to be surveyed. The claim was finished in a timely fashion and a sizeable sum was refunded back to us from HMRC.

Ian Lowe | Director
Lowe & Elliott Chartered Surveyors

“We have worked with Capital Allowances Online for a number of years both as a service provider and as a referrer.  We did offer Capital Allowances service in house for a while however we quickly realised that the complexity of the legal and HMRC ever changes rules needs to be dealt with by an expert.  Capital Allowances Online have years of experience and expert knowledge of both the surveying and tax side of this subject inhouse and without this, you risk your clients missing out on valuable claimable allowances or at worst putting your client at risk of investigation from HMRC should the process be poorly managed.  Having had first-hand experience of this extremely complicated and litigious process which requires input from your advisor to your accountants and legal advisors, I would not hesitate in recommending Capital Allowances Online to my client or fellow colleagues”.

Jonathan Cornes BSc (Hons) Tech IOSH MRICS
Managing Director | Jonathan Cornes Associates

"I found the experience with yourselves easy and straight forward. The face to face meeting I had with Chris really helped me understand the whole process and it’s something that I can now refer to in the future when talking to some of my other clients. Furthermore, it was easy to get into contact for example to arrange access. The part that impressed me the most was the regular updates. I would be happy to recommend Capital Allowance Review Service to others because the process was easy and ultimately it will help them save some money."

Ben Hulse | Trainee Surveyor
Louis Taylor Ltd

“Everything with the project went fine, although the client was on the ball with things and our involvement wasn’t needed too much. The part of the process that impressed us the most was the final reports. We were able to make sense of these and we were able to update our computations. We have already passed on details of another client we would like them to review”

Tony Brain | Corporate Services Manager
Lees Chartered Certified Accountants

“I met with Chris who explained the process to me. My involvement wasn’t needed much from then on, which I was pleased about with being busy myself and worried that I may have to fill in mountains of forms and paperwork. It was a seamless process and produced good results that we are reaping the benefits from. I will be working with them again on another project that’s in the pipeline.”

Joe Kwok | Director
Ginseng Developments Ltd

"CARS have completed a few capital allowance claims for us on our portfolio of properties, the last being the most complex with multiple properties over 2 industrial sites which took a little longer than usual, but we had a very good experience with all of them. I have recommended them to others and will continue to as many landlords aren't aware of capital allowances."

Craig Clarke | Director
Vinewood Developments Ltd

“The service I received felt very personal and that’s what I like when I work with a company. The communication was excellent, I was kept informed through the process. Any calls and emails I made were answered efficiently and this really impressed me. I was always made to feel at ease, all my questions were answered and I was never made to feel like there was a wrong question to ask. The claim came through quicker than expected and I’m thrilled with the result. I will definitely be recommending others to CARS”

Rebecca Fordwood | Director
Blantyger Limited

"We are happy with the work you have done, and we have recommended you already and would continue to do so."

Jane Norton | Director and Founder
Norton Accountancy

“We have completed 2 claims now with CARS. The service has been very good. I particularly liked that they didn’t chase upfront for any money, they waited until everything had been completed.”

Bob Hasnain | Director
Capri Property Management Ltd & Goldcourt Properties Ltd

"We are really happy with the service you have provided and we have received regular emails from you and your colleagues about the current cases and their progress."

Ben Shortman BSc (Hons) ACCA | Senior Accountant
Norton Accountancy Ltd

"BITO Storage Systems has grown at a fast pace over the past decade, producing sensible profits and paying our taxes in the UK. I feel that the tax benefits we obtained with the support and guidance of Capital Allowance Review Service will enable us to invest more into the continued development of our company and therefore recommend them to like-minded businessmen"

Mr E Hutchison | Managing Director
BITO Storage Systems Limited

"Following Brian's visit on Monday and Tuesday of this week, I want to say that the working experience with him over the two days was a pleasure and I found his ability, competence and professionalism in his approach to his work was indeed excellent.

I have a number of areas within the building which are extremely sensitive to my Tenants and their staff from a business point of view and when I explained this to Brian, he took it in his stride and cooperated fully and professionally.

Overall, this was a very satisfactory experience and you should be aware of that. Please convey my thanks to him along with my good wishes for the future."

Brendan | Proprietor
Company Name Undisclosed

"Paul Roberts never ceases to amaze me.  Who would have thought that he would have uncovered unclaimed allowances to such an extent in a castle!!"

Chris Kane | Director and Tax Adviser
to Ian Scarr-Hall
DPC Accountants

“I have used CA for the past 10 years on numerous buildings and they have always delivered on the tax allowances. I would seriously recommend any commercial property owner to seek their council. In addition, CA are very efficient and professional and has dealt with both the tax rebates and the communications between HMRC and my accountants”.

Clive | Director
Company Name Undisclosed

"Please, can you thank everyone involved, I'm still in shock to be quite honest but in a very nice way!"

Richard Burton | Managing Director
The Lake Isle Hotel & Restaurant

"When we purchased our Care Home, our agent recommended we have a conversation with Capital Allowance Review Service Ltd. It was suggested, even though we had only recently acquired the property, CARS may be able to identify and recover capital allowances inherent within the property when purchased, which in turn would create a tax advantage for us. Although this seemed implausible, it did, in fact, prove to be the case with CA's identified which resulted in a substantial claim to offset future taxable profits. We have been delighted with the service and attention received and are pleased to recommend Capital Allowance Review Service Ltd."

Julie | Director
Company Name Undisclosed

"I engaged the services of Capital Allowance Review Service (CARS) on the advice of my Accountant to carry out an assessment of the property regarding Capital Allowances reclaim.

For the purpose of the assessment, it was necessary for them to undertake a thorough and extensive survey of the property both internally and externally over a two day period and this was undertaken in a professional and as far as the occupants were concerned, a discreet manner avoiding any disruption or inconvenience to them.

Subsequent to that inspection, I was provided a complete breakdown of the details for my approval and soon after that a detailed calculation and summary of the submission to HMRC in the form of a Capital Allowance claim.

CARS processed the claim to HMRC which was accepted and processed.
My experience of CARS in all matters of the assessment and claim was more than satisfactory and provides me with no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them to anyone considering such matters."

Mr B Biggerstaff

"I initially considered the proposal from Capital Allowances to be a little preposterous and quite frankly, beyond belief.  Their suggestion being, we could obtain a potentially substantial refund plus credits to offset future tax liabilities from HMRC based on Capital Allowances embedded within our property at the time of acquisition. However, as Capital Allowances fee is based upon success, we had nothing to lose and potentially much to gain.  How pleased I am that we took advantage of their advice and expertise, realising many tens of thousands of pounds of capital allowances unclaimed by the previous owner of our offices, now available to us as the new owner.  We were so delighted with the result and considering how little input was required from our company, are pleased to advise our clients, past and present, to discuss the potential benefit to be gained remembering fess are based upon success."

Stephen Gallett | Proprietor
Rory Mack Associates

"When our Accountant suggested we make a Capital Allowance claim to recover previously paid tax and to offset future tax liabilities we thought this too goo to be true, especially when it was suggested we use a company whose fee is based totally upon success. As there was no financial risk to ourselves we took this advice. How pleased we are that we did as the results were beyond belief. Substantial unclaimed capital allowances were identified by the physical survey of the course and buildings. There was little involvement required from ourselves as the majority of the required information was provided to Capital Allowance Review Service (the Capital Allowance specialist) by our Accountant. In addition to the very welcome refund from HMRC, we will enjoy additional valuable benefits for a number of years to come. We unreservedly recommend our friends and colleagues in the golfing fraternity and beyond to take advantage of their expertise and to seek their advice, remembering there is no risk as their fee is contingent upon success"

David Croxton | Director
Cold Ashby Golf Club

"I was put in touch with Simon by my Accountant and was absolutely thrilled to save such a large amount from my tax bill. The whole experience was professional, with personal contact, and extremely easy to go through.
I would recommend Capital Allowance Review Service to anyone who does R&D as part of their business."

Penny Price | Managing Director
Penny Price Aromatherapy Ltd

"We would like to thank you for your help and expertise in completing what turned out to be a significant retrospective capital allowance claim on our behalf.  The very existence of a claim almost sounded too good to be true at first, but it took from February to April to prove it was realistic because that is when the refund arrived!

We do have a good accountant but having gone through the process we now understand exactly how much can be missed and we recommend that anybody who owns commercial property looks into this type of claim as they may well be sitting on a small fortune!

You did everything you said you would do in the timescales you estimated and the result was slightly better than you suggested it might be.

K.N.Smith | Director
Boswell Hotels Limited

"Although highly sceptical with regard to the potential benefits to be enjoyed by undertaking a retrospective capital allowance claim on our Hall, we went ahead as the fees are contingency based - no worthwhile claim - no fee. In other words, nothing to lose. We were so delighted with the results, which were substantially beyond what was initially envisaged, we completed a similar exercise on our sister properties. We have no hesitation in recommending Capital Allowance Review Service Ltd, who we found to be very professional and highly effective, delivering everything they promised and more."

Alan | Director
Company Name Undisclosed

"We have no hesitation in recommending any fellow hotelier to follow our example in appointing Capital Allowance Review Service Ltd to carry out a capital allowance claim on your hotel. We were amazed to discover, to our benefit, capital allowances in excess of six (6) figures, unclaimed by the previous owner and now available to us to offset our future tax liabilities."

Chris and Robert | Proprietors
The Haytor Hotel

"Capital Allowance Review Service handled our entire capital allowance claim efficiently and swiftly.  The service was excellent and I would highly recommend their services."

Karan Jairath | Director
Longfield Care Homes Limited

The CARS proofreading service was an invaluable resource, providing technical advice and peace of mind in what is a complex area of tax.

David Lewis | Director
Virtus Accounting Limited

"I am a doctor in Harley Street who bought a house about 20 years ago just because I was fed up with paying rent. So I am sure you will understand that I had no business experience at all. But I can heartily endorse the Capital Allowance Review Service.  

Although initially, I didn't understand how the additional tax savings they suggested could be achieved, they patiently explained and were transparent concerning their invoice and I was pleasantly surprised by the result.

It really depends on having bought or improved commercial property. I made a significant tax saving and I know this process works for both companies or individuals (like me).

The most important factor in my choice of Capital Allowance Review Service was honesty and whether they were trustworthy. I found them to be both; and professional and efficient in the way they carried out their work.

I am happy to recommend them."

Dr Robin Lawrence | Psychiatrist
96 Harley Street

"We, and our Clients have found Capital Allowances Review Service Ltd to be very helpful and efficient. We are very pleased with the professionalism of the service and hope to continue to use them as we appreciate the expertise and assistance we receive. Our Clients have also commented on how excellent and efficient the service is."

Natasha | Director
Company Name Undisclosed

"Thanks for confirming that the tax refund had been received and is now on its way to John. The exercise has had a very satisfactory outcome and it is certainly something that I will be keeping in mind should I have any more Clients that I feel could benefit.
Thanks again for all your help."

Kind Regards, John
Company Name Undisclosed

"Hi Jonathan
I think they were extremely good. We were surprised at how much of a tax saving we received and how fast the whole process was. The inspection was done in a single day and without causing disruption. I would happily recommend them to anyone."

Kind Regards, Colin
Company Name Undisclosed

"Thank you very much. I have a great appreciation for your firm. I will definitely recommend you to others."

Dr Nisha Nair | Senior Partner
Bexley Group Practice

"The team at capital allowance review service have provided an excellent service to our clients. They have been thoroughly professional, easy to speak to and kept us informed at each stage with informative updates. Crucially, the tax savings resulting from their expertise are invaluable. We have no hesitation in recommending them"

Omair Adnan Managing Director
AJN Accountants Limited

“The service received from Capital Allowance Review Service was exemplary. They were efficient, proactive and always available to assist with any questions or queries. I will definitely be using their services again and would certainly recommend them.”

Jasdeep Virk | Associate Partner
Keelys Solicitors

"The quality of service and helpfulness from the Capital Allowance Review Service has been excellent at all times, and all reports have been of a very high standard.  I would highly recommend their services."

Sam Robinson | Director
S Robinson & Co

"I was amazed by the swift and efficient service from Capital Allowance Review Service. Everything was very straightforward and took little of my time."

Nick Dobson | Director
FDT GB Limited

"I have used Capital Allowance Review Service for a property capital allowance claim for my clients and found them to be professional and efficient."

Adrian J Crank | Managing Partner
Hall Livesey Brown Accountants

"The process was smooth enough & has resulted in a reasonable refund some, so definitely worthwhile."

Jacqui Offen | Director
J&J Systems Limited

"The CARS Legal Pack service provided invaluable support to me during the sale of my property.  In my experience, I found them to be professional and efficient and more than happy with the service they provided.  I would happily recommend them to fellow business owners."

Martyn Lodge | Finance Director
Lodge Tyre Company Limited

“We are delighted with the exceptional service delivered by the Capital Allowance Review Service.   They worked directly with our client and with minimal input from ourselves to achieve an excellent result via a much-welcomed tax repayment.    They kept us fully informed at all stages of the process and this inspired confidence that the claim was being handled professionally.    Our client was very impressed with the service and the fact that as their Accountants we were able to make this introduction and oversee its delivery.  We would highly recommend.”

Brendan Morris Bsc FCA CTA | Tax Director
BDM Chartered Accountants

"I'm really pleased that Capital Allowance Review Service was recommended to me for my R&D Tax Credit claims. The way they applied their expertise to my business was superb. The individuals working on my case were very impressive technically and their process didn't disrupt my daily activity. The result they secured was staggering as over a three year period they generated around £720k tax benefit!.
I would highly recommend anyone who is carrying out Research & Development to get in touch with these guys as they are a great firm to work with."

Robert Kennedy | Director
Strathendrick Biogas Limited

"Paul and his team at CARS have provided an excellent service. They have been nothing but professional and helpful throughout the entire process. We were a little skeptical at first, especially when the unclaimed capital allowances figure CARS projected was millions rather than thousands. On a no-win, no fee basis, we put our trust in the team and gave them the opportunity to use their expertise to put the claim together.  The results were amazing, not only did we receive an immediate cash benefit; we will continue to benefit from tax savings for many years to come. I would highly recommend them."

Laura Boucher | Finance Director
John Fowler Holiday Parks

“CARS communicated extensively throughout the claim process to ensure our client and ourselves remained aware of progress. This enabled the claim to be included in the most advantageous open period. The final report created to support the claim was comprehensive and easily showed the information to be included on the amended return.”
Mark Tibbert  | Partner
Thomas Westcott Chartered Accountants

"Capital Allowance Review Service provided a very professional approach to my clients' capital allowance claim and produced a good result.  I completely trusted their team to liaise directly with our clients and highly recommend their services to anyone looking to make a claim."

Philip Woolfson | Partner
Tuchbands Chartered Accountants

"I can tell you I've turned away scores of telesales calls offering the kinds of tax relief benefits for R&D relief over the years but on this occasion, it was clear that Capital Allowance Services knew what they were talking about.  Only a couple of short meetings to explain what we do, how we do it and we left it all to them.  I was astonished to receive the amount of relief we did and the best thing is we should be able to claim this or similar year on year.  Someone pinch me please!"

Phil Latham | Managing Director
Copper & Optic Terminations Limited

"I reconnected with Capital Allowance Review Service to help with a client who is a lessor and needed some clarity.  I found them to be very professional and very easy to work with.  They did all the hard work and due to our time pressures, was provided with their report in time.  I would recommend them to others."

Ritesh Gudka | Business Partner
TG Associates Chartered Accountants

"Working with CARS was streamlined and hassle-free.  From the first time we spoke to them they were clear about what they could and couldn’t do and they were realistic in their expectations of the final outcome. One of our concerns was that we would incur additional professional fees (audit or taxation) and that these would offset the gains made, CARS talked us through the process of putting through a claim and how they would provide revised corporation tax returns in-house and again this process went exactly as they said it would. In summary throughout the process, the team at CARS did what they said they were going to do."

David Hills | Finance Director
Paragon Education & Skills Limited

“I was introduced to CARS through Auditel. It’s not something I would have thought of pursuing myself without this initial introduction. The information, to begin with, felt like a lot to get my head around, but the team was very good at explaining everything thoroughly to me and it all became clear. The process was very easy and I would happily introduce others to this company as I am pleased someone did that for me!”

Margaret Lawford | Partner
Fen Farm Caravan Site

“I found the whole process to be pretty straightforward and clear. After the initial arrangements, not much input was required from me. The process was well explained and I got my questions answered in a timely manner. I will definitely be recommending others to CARS as the whole claim process is quite complex and it’s better to leave it to the people who have tremendous experience in this area! I will be looking forward to working with you again in the future!”

Alexander Balazs | Property Investor

“We had a really positive experience working with CARS. We didn’t know anything about Capital Allowances and CARS were recommended to us by auditors. The whole process was thoroughly explained to us. We had no concerns about proceeding with the claim as they made everything easy to understand. I would definitely recommend others due to the ease of the process and the quality of service.”

David Edwards | Head Of Finance
Pioneering Foods Group Limited

“The whole process is very simple and I have experienced no problems at all when dealing with CARS. One of the areas that impress me the most with the service they provide is their depth of knowledge. The other area is their determination and willingness to see the claim right through to the end. I have introduced a number of clients now to them and each time they produced very good results. I will continue to push their name through my business associates.”

Daryn Dodge | Cost Management Consultant
DMD Management Services / Auditel

“I found everyone at CARS to be very friendly and helpful. I initially had contact with Chris who showed a broad knowledge of this area of expertise. I was then put in contact with the rest of the team as the process progressed, and I found everyone very approachable and easy to talk to. I was kept informed and although this is not one of my areas of speciality, everything was explained clearly. My whole experience was very positive and I will keep them in mind for any other potential clients I have.”

Jane Hawkins | Proprietor
Aspire - Accounting Solutions

“Initially I couldn’t see that there were any Capital Allowances to be claimed that my accountant hadn’t already done. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that there were! I found the process to be thorough and efficient so that nothing could be missed. Overall I am very pleased with the service. I have been left satisfied and relieved that I went ahead with the claim and didn’t lose out on those tax savings.”

David Mills | Principle
D R Mills and Associates

"I was very impressed by the excellent level of service provided and the way good contact was always maintained. It impressed me how the staff was always on top of everything, reports and information were sent through regularly, and I was pleased to be kept up to date. They were happy to help when I had a query and I was put through to someone who explained it all thoroughly to me. I will be sure to recommend any other clients that can benefit from this service."

Hilary Barlow | Proprietor
Ginger Accounts

“There was very little involvement required from me, which was ideal with having a busy schedule, the team just got on with everything. I would recommend others as this is a good service and not many know about the claims that could be available”

Colin Naylor | CEO & Founder
Dukes Bailiffs Ltd

“We were pleased with the service; everything was fine with no problems. They got us a good result and therefore we would recommend others.”

Alasdair | Property Investor

“I have only positive feedback regarding the exercise undertaken recently. The whole process was extremely smooth and efficient and achieved the desired outcome. This was not the first time that we have used your services, previous exercises having been undertaken in 2007 and 2012/13. I had the need to contact Chris in connection with 2 property disposals (which had been the subject of claims) and was very impressed with his prompt attention and advice. So, yes, I would recommend your services for the reasons of; easy to deal with, very efficient service, the achievement of the objective of making successful claims and excellent aftercare service.”

Anonymous | Finance Director