What Our Clients Say

At Capital Allowance Review Service, we are committed to providing an exceptional service to our clients and ensure that it's tailored to meet their individual needs.  Although each case is different, we have obtained numerous new Clients from satisfied recommendations and continue to maintain our same level of service we provide to our clients.

"Thank you very much. I have a great appreciation for your firm. I will definitely recommend you to others."

Dr Nisha Nair, Senior Partner
Bexley Group Practice

"The team at capital allowance review service have provided an excellent service to our clients. They have been thoroughly professional, easy to speak to and kept us informed at each stage with informative updates. Crucially, the tax savings resulting from their expertise are invaluable. We have no hesitation in recommending them"

Omair Adnan Managing Director
AJN Accountants Limited

“We are delighted with the exceptional service delivered by the Capital Allowance Review Service.   They worked directly with our client and with minimal input from ourselves to achieve an excellent result via a much-welcomed tax repayment.    They kept us fully informed at all stages of the process and this inspired confidence that the claim was being handled professionally.    Our client was very impressed with the service and the fact that as their Accountants we were able to make this introduction and oversee its delivery.  We would highly recommend.”

Brendan Morris Bsc FCA CTA
Tax Director, BDM Chartered Accountants

"I'm really pleased that Capital Allowance Review Service was recommended to me for my R&D Tax Credit claims. The way they applied their expertise to my business was superb. The individuals working on my case were very impressive technically and their process didn't disrupt my daily activity. The result they secured was staggering as over a three year period they generated around £720k tax benefit!.
I would highly recommend anyone who is carrying out Research & Development to get in touch with these guys as they are a great firm to work with."

Robert Kennedy, Director
Strathendrick Biogas Limited

“The service received from Capital Allowance Review Service was exemplary. They were efficient, proactive and always available to assist with any questions or queries. I will definitely be using their services again and would certainly recommend them.”

Jasdeep Virk
Associate Partner, Keelys Solicitors

"The quality of service and helpfulness from the Capital Allowance Review Service has been excellent at all times, and all reports have been of a very high standard.  I would highly recommend their services."

Sam Robinson, Director
S Robinson & Co

"Capital Allowance Review Service provided a very professional approach to my clients capital allowance claim and produced a good result.  I completely trusted their team to liaise directly with our clients and highly recommend their services to anyone looking to make a claim."

Philip Woolfson, Partner
Tuchbands Chartered Accountants

"I can tell you I've turned away scores of telesales calls offering the kinds of tax relief benefits for R&D relief over the years but on this occasion, it was clear that Capital Allowance Services knew what they were talking about.  Only a couple of short meetings to explain what we do, how we do it and we left it all to them.  I was astonished to receive the amount of relief we did and the best thing is we should be able to claim this or similar year on year.  Someone pinch me please!"

Phil Latham, Managing Director
Copper & Optic Terminations Limited

"I was amazed by the swift and efficient service from Capital Allowance Review Service. Everything was very straightforward and took little of my time."

Nick Dobson
Director, FDT GB Limited

"I have used Capital Allowance Review Service for a property capital allowance claim for my clients and found them to be professional and efficient."

Adrian J Crank
Managing Partner, Hall Livesey Brown Accountants

"The process was smooth enough & has resulted in a reasonable refund some, so definitely worthwhile."

Jacqui Offen
Director, J&J Systems Limited

"The CARS Legal Pack service provided invaluable support to me during the sale of my property.  In my experience, I found them to be professional and efficient and more than happy with the service they provided.  I would happily recommend them to fellow business owners."

Martyn Lodge
Lodge Tyre Company Limited

"I am a doctor in Harley Street who bought a house about 20 years ago just because I was fed up with paying rent. So I am sure you will understand that I had no business experience at all. But I can heartily endorse the Capital Allowance Review Service.  

Although initially I didn't understand how the additional tax savings they suggested could be achieved, they patiently explained and were transparent concerning their invoice and I was pleasantly surprised by the result.

It really depends on having bought or improved commercial property. I made a significant tax saving and I know this process works for both companies or individuals (like me). 

The most important factor in my choice of Capital Allowance Review Service  was honesty and whether they were trustworthy. I found them to be both; and professional and efficient in the way they carried out their work.

I am happy to recommend them."

Dr Robin Lawrence
Psychiatrist, 96 Harley Street

The CARS proofreading service was an invaluable resource, providing technical advice and peace of mind in what is a complex area of tax.  

David Lewis
Director, Virtus Accounting Limited

"Capital Allowance Review Service handled our entire capital allowance claim efficiently and swiftly.  The service was excellent and I would highly recommend their services."

Karan Jairath
Director, Longfield Care Homes Limited

"BITO Storage Systems has grown at a fast pace over the past decade, producing sensible profits and paying our taxes in the UK. I feel that the tax benefits we obtained with the support and guidance of Capital Allowance Review Service will enable us to invest more into the continued development of our company and therefore recommend them to like-minded businessmen"

Mr E Hutchison, Managing Director
BITO Storage Systems Limited

"Thanks for confirming that the tax refund had been received and is now on its way to John. The exercise has had a very satisfactory outcome and it is certainly something that I will be keeping in mind should I have any more Clients that I feel could benefit.
Thanks again for all your help."

Kind Regards, John

"Hi Jonathan
I think they were extremely good. We were surprised at how much of a tax saving we received and how fast the whole process was. The inspection was done in a single day and without causing disruption. I would happily recommend them to anyone."

Kind Regards, Colin

"We are really happy with the service you have provided and we have received regular emails from you and your colleagues about the current cases and their progress."

Ben Shortman BSc (Hons) ACCA
Senior Accountant, Norton Accountancy Ltd

"Please, can you thank everyone involved, I'm still in shock to be quite honest but in a very nice way!"

Richard Burton
The Lake Isle Hotel & Restaurant

"Following Brian's visit on Monday and Tuesday of this week, I want to say that the working experience with him over the two days was a pleasure and I found his ability, competence and professionalism in his approach to his work was indeed excellent.

I have a number of areas within the building which are extremely sensitive to my Tenants and their staff from a business point of view and when I explained this to Brian, he took it in his stride and cooperated fully and professionally.

Overall, this was a very satisfactory experience and you should be aware of that. Please convey my thanks to him along with my good wishes for the future."

Brendan, Proprietor

"I engaged the services of Capital Allowance Review Service (CARS) on the advice of my Accountant to carry out an assessment of the property regarding Capital Allowances reclaim.

For the purpose of the assessment, it was necessary for them to undertake a thorough and extensive survey of the property both internally and externally over a two day period and this was undertaken in a professional and as far as the occupants were concerned, a discreet manner avoiding any disruption or inconvenience to them.

Subsequent to that inspection, I was provided a complete breakdown of the details for my approval and soon after that a detailed calculation and summary of the submission to HMRC in the form of a Capital Allowance claim.

CARS processed the claim to HMRC which was accepted and processed.
My experience of CARS in all matters of the assessment and claim was more than satisfactory and provides me with no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them to anyone considering such matters."

Mr B Biggerstaff

"When we purchased our Care Home, our agent recommended we have a conversation with Capital Allowance Review Service Ltd. It was suggested, even though we had only recently acquired the property, CARS may be able to identify and recover capital allowances inherent within the property when purchased, which in turn would create a tax advantage for us. Although this seemed implausable, it did in fact prove to be the case with CA's identified which resulted in a substantial claim to offset future taxable profits. We have been delighted with the service and attention received and are pleased to recommend Capital Allowance Review Service Ltd."

Julie, Director

"When our Accountant suggested we make a Capital Allowance claim to recover previously paid tax and to offset future tax liabilities we thought this too goo to be true, especially when it was suggested we use a company whose fee is based totally upon success. As there was no financial risk to ourselves we took this advice. How pleased we are that we did as the results were beyond belief. Substantial unclaimed capital allowances were identified by the physical survey of the course and buildings. There was little involvement required from ourselves as the majority of the required information was provided to Capital Allowance Review Service (the Capital Allowance specialist) by our Accountant. In addition to the very welcome refund from HMRC, we will enjoy additional valuable benefits for a number of years to come. We unreservedly recommend our friends and colleagues in the golfing fraternity and beyond to take advantage of their expertise and to seek their advice, remembering there is no risk as their fee is contingent upon success"

David Croxton - Cold Ashby Golf Club

"I initially considered the proposal from Capital Allowances to be a little preposterous and quite frankly, beyond belief.  Their suggestion being, we could obtain a potentially substantial refund plus credits to offset future tax liabilities from HMRC based on Capital Allowances embedded within our property at the time of acquisition. However, as Capital Allowances fee is based upon success, we had nothing to lose and potentially much to gain.  How pleased I am that we took advantage of their advice and expertise, realising many tens of thousands of pounds of capital allowances unclaimed by the previous owner of our offices, now available to us as the new owner.  We were so delighted with the result and considering how little input was required from our company, are pleased to advise our clients, past and present, to discuss the potential benefit to be gained remembering fess are based upon success."

Stephen Gallett, Proprietor
Rory Mack Associates

"We would like to thank you for your help and expertise in completing what turned out to be a significant retrospective capital allowance claim on our behalf.  The very existence of a claim almost sounded too good to be true at first, but it took from February to April to prove it was realistic because that is when the refund arrived!

We do have a good accountant but having gone through the process we now understand exactly how much can be missed and we recommend that anybody who owns commercial property looks into this type of claim as they may well be sitting on a small fortune!

You did everything you said you would do in the timescales you estimated and the result was slightly better than you suggested it might be.

K.N.Smith, Director
Boswell Hotels Limited

"I was put in touch with Simon by my Accountant and was absolutely thrilled to save such a large amount from my tax bill. The whole experience was professional, with personal contact, and extremely easy to go through.
I would recommend Capital Allowance Review Service to anyone who does R&D as part of their business."

Penny Price, Managing Director
Penny Price Aromatherapy Ltd

"We have no hesitation in recommending any fellow hotelier to follow our example in appointing Capital Allowance Review Service Ltd to carry out a capital allowance claim on your hotel. We were amazed to discover, to our benefit, capital allowances in excess of six (6) figures, unclaimed by the previous owner and now available to us to offset our future tax liabilities."

Chris and Robert, Proprietors
The Haytor Hotel

"We, and our Clients, have found Capital Allowances Review Service Ltd to be very helpful and efficient. We are very pleased with the professionalism of the service and hope to continue to use them as we appreciate the expertise and assistance we receive. Our Clients have also commented on how excellent and efficient the service is."

Natasha, Director

"Although highly sceptical with regard to the potential benefits to be enjoyed by undertaking a a retrospective capital allowance claim on our Hall, we went ahead as the fees are contingency based - no worthwhile claim - no fee. In other words, nothing to lose. We were so delighted with the results, which were substantially beyond what were initially envisaged, we completed a similar exercise on our sister properties. We have no hesitation in recommending Capital Allowance Review Service Ltd, who we found to be very professional and highly effective, delivering everything they promised and more."

Alan, Director