As you may be aware, in 2014 New Rules came into force that dictated how Capital Allowances should be treated at the point of disposal or acquisition of a commercial property owned by a UK tax payer.

These New Rules continue to be very misunderstood and the consequences underestimated. We see more and more examples where a property transaction has taken place and the new rules have not been implemented correctly, if at all, and the net result is tax payers are losing a benefit that they should have been entitled to. In addition to this, property advisers are exposed to negligence claims.

  • Are you in the process of buying/selling a commercial property?
  • Have you bought or sold a commercial property since April 2014?

If the answer to either of these question is yes, call an expert and let us clarify the situation.

Book on a desk called New Rules

Case History – what can be lost?

We are currently dealing with a transaction where a Client has lost in excess of £160,000 in a transaction which is now over two years old and cannot be repaired and all parties thought they had implemented the new rules correctly.
Could this be you?

Case History – what can be gained?

When legislation is understood and applied properly, significant tax savings can be secured. The case study attached illustrates a transaction where both the Vendor and Purchaser have secured tax savings and the property advisers involved are not exposed to the risks.

If you have bought or sold a property within the last two years or in the process, contact us as we provide free support.

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