Caravan park

Claim Results

  • 8
  • 2008-2020
  • 2022
  • £256,474
  • £23,457,881
  • £4,127,252

Allens Caravans Estates Ltd

About the claim

One of the key challenges was showcasing/evidencing to the client where and how we could add value given the business had been operating for many years and run very efficiently. Although this task is completed on every case we explore, in this case, it was challenging due to the following:

  • High value of spend under review.
  • The years in which the spend spanned.
  • The multitude of sites that needed analysing.
  • The continual ongoing improvements to the parks.
Holiday park

Our approach

In this case it was crucial we gained access to the 3 following areas:

  • The client’s accountant to gain full access to accounts, fixed asset registers, repairs & tax returns.
  • The client’s site managers to fully understand the history of expenditure and how the sites were used and how they had been developed.
  • The clients legal dept to gain access to key property documents to understand how and when parks and properties were acquired.
Allen's Caravans Estates Ltd

Examples of some of the embedded qualifying items that we found...

  • Double radiator

    Double radiator

  • Smoke detector

    Smoke detector

  • Toilet and cistern

    Toilet and cistern

  • Swimming pool

    Swimming pool

An observation from our Claims Researcher, Christine Hunter

“The required due diligence for the case took considerable time, however, it confirmed that our process would uncover a significant level of additional capital allowances against both acquisition and improvement costs over and above what had already been claimed.”

Christine Hunter, Claims researcher


A man using his phone to leave a 5 star review
  • The client

    “A great service, a great team, and a great tax saving. We couldn’t have asked for anything better!”

    Joe Folkes | Managing Director

  • The accountant

    “The expertise that CARS bring to the table is invaluable when it comes to providing the best service for your clients. I have experienced first-hand the lengths they go to in ensuring a good quality claim is produced.”

    Angie Barrett | Accountant

    R S Botham & Co

  • The introducer

    “I got in touch with CARS to help support us with our clientele of Holiday Park Owners. It’s important to us as a company that our clients receive the best service and CARS certainly helped us to do this. I wasn’t involved much with the process as CARS took the lead with everything, dealing directly with the client. However, we do know that the client received great results from their claim and they were pleased with the service – that’s all that matters to us. We will continue to work with them on further claims for our clients.”

    David Prince | Director


CARS team photo

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