Warehouse with shelving and stock

Claim Results

  • 2017
  • 2019
  • £21,052
  • 27%
  • £485,000
  • £132,039

Pioneering Foods

About our client

Established in 1983, Icefresh Foods specialises in supplying quality ice cream and frozen desserts to major food retailers in the UK. They develop and supply over 500,000 consumer units every single week.

  • We had a really positive experience working with CARS. We didn’t know anything about Capital Allowances and CARS were recommended to us by auditors. The whole process was thoroughly explained to us. We had no concerns about proceeding with the claim as they made everything easy to understand. I would definitely recommend others due to the ease of the process and the quality of service.

    David Edwards

    Head Of Finance

About the claim

The claim was for a two-storey office building and a small medium warehouse and is based on the purchase cost. The property was purchased from a non-qualifying activity for capital allowance purposes for £485,000. We anticipated a capital allowance claim of £97,000 but when the survey and due diligence was applied, much more was found, resulting in £132,039 identified.

CARS team photo

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