A coincidental find

Quickly, I realised that there was a huge opportunity

Twenty-four years ago, I was in the process of disposing of a large leasehold property that housed a business I was closing. While out on business, I found myself in a conversation with a man regarding the concept of capital allowances – in a bar of all places! I started to pay a lot of attention to what his understanding was.

It quickly became very clear that there was a massive opportunity and a gap in the market.

There was a tax product that had been around for over a hundred years, that seemed to be hugely misunderstood and underestimated – I was a working example of this. I was disposing of a building and despite relying on advisers, was not even close to dealing with the tax issue efficiently.

Paul Roberts, Founder/Director

The bigger picture

Expanding the business to reach new heights

I knew this could be a huge opportunity and we could create a large trusted capital allowance consultancy firm. I decided to run with it. Originally, I went into business with the man that explained the concept to me, but I knew the business could be bigger. So, after 12 months, we went our separate ways. This move allowed me to take risks to create something even better. I realised that I needed help with expanding the business to this extent, so I searched for partners.

Help arrived!

Individuals added significant value to the business

My son, Chris Roberts, joined the team in 2013 and is now our current Managing Director.

It is somewhat ironic that for all the years I was looking for somebody who could help drive the business forward, and all that time he was living in the same house! Chris has added significant value to the company and continues to expand the business today. The help didn’t stop there! We established a partnership that enabled us to expand even further. I was starting to see this big dream take shape!

Chris Roberts and Sue Mountford discussing a client's claim

The important cogs in our machine

Each member of our team brings their own expertise

The one thing that has been a pleasure to see grow and work impeccably well together is our team. I, despite coming from a non-tax or accounting background, have become an expert in this field. Regularly hosting seminars and also playing a part in the HMRC Working Party. From what started as very small, our team has grown into a strong support hub of experts with over 60 years of collective experience. We’ve got all bases covered, from Chartered Surveyors to a former HMRC inspector. Having such a strong team behind the company has helped us to stand out from other providers.

Capital allowance review service team
Take a look at our expert team...

A trusted capital allowance consultancy firm has been built!

We have supported many advisors and clients over the years, and as result, we have created a trusted partnership through word of mouth. We have achieved a 100% claims success rate due to the level of due diligence we apply to our claims. With the team’s broad expertise, we have been able to provide advice that covers all aspects of tax relief in line with current legislation laws.

It’s been quite a journey, but one that has been worth it!

Ian Lowe doing a property survey
If you would like support in the area of of tax relief, get in touch to benefit from our expertise!

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