What would you do if your Capital Allowance claim was questioned by HMRC?

In the event of a completed claim submitted by us being queried by HMRC, you can be assured that we will defend your claim and deal raised queries until finalised.

HMRC always has the opportunity to question the due diligence and structure of a Capital Allowance claim.  Therefore, it is crucial that all claims are correctly prepared and fully researched before submission.

There are a number of disciplines that are required to complete a Capital Allowance claim. It is important to understand that not all providers will support all aspects of the claim they have made.

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Our Pledge to You:

We support all aspects of the claim from start to finish

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We will interact with HMRC directly until all aspects are resolved
* * *
There are no time constraints on our support
* * *
There are no additional charges irrespective of how long an enquiry takes to resolve
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However, it should be noted that if a claim is reduced as a result of an enquiry, fees are refunded in line with the reduction which means the Client will only pay for the Capital Allowances they can benefit from.

The claims arise due to the complicated nature of the laws governing Capital Allowances and the frequent changes that have taken place over recent years. It takes our specialist commitment and knowledge to remain up to date with such legislation, and consequently, to recognise all assets that are eligible for Capital Allowances, in particular, those that are inherent within property. This usually arises from a lack of detailed information available to the Accountant when claims are made. However, Capital Allowance Review Service has the skills and expertise necessary to overcome these hurdles and to submit a comprehensive claim to HMRC.

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