Working together, we can strengthen our relationships and generate substantial tax savings for Clients.  Referrals from you is a way in which we continue to grow our business. The referrals generate substantial tax savings for Clients and improve relationships between Clients and their Advisors.

We feel the best form of marketing is a referral when compared to direct marketing therefore, our business model factors in commissions for those who refer Clients to us.

Our fees are contingent and based on the unclaimed Property Capital Allowances that are identified, therefore, there are no upfront costs.

Clients are invoiced when the case is completed. Our invoice is attached to the report provided to both Accountant and Client.

Commissions are paid when the Client settles their account.

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Case Studies

Property Embedded Capital Allowances Identified: £412, 791

Our Karaoke Client offers facilities for those wanting a lively night of singing. The client holds a leasehold interest in the property and in 2016 undertook extensive leasehold improvements. The total cost of the property was £667,600. The client’s accountant had already claimed £277,850. However, we highlighted an additional £134,941. The tax savings generated were in excess of £26,900 and 20% over and above that initially claimed.

Property Embedded Capital Allowance Identified £392,850

The Client was a family run care home in Kent. The owners had carried out extensive improvements to the property over a number of years all of which has gone unclaimed. Capital Allowance Review Service were engaged to complete a full Property Capital Allowance review. We analysed the property expenditure of £1,105,059 and generated £392,850 of capital allowances producing an overall tax saving £157,140. Due to the tax already paid by the owners, we were able to claim back a tax refund in the first year to the sum of £55,576 on the Client’s behalf.

Property Embedded Capital Allowance Identified £350,000

The Client was a storage business which acquired two commercial properties in 2008 and carried out extensive improvements between 2008-2015. In February 2016 we were appointed to complete a full Property Capital Allowance review. The total tax savings generated were in excess of £75,000. The claim also resulted in a recovery of tax paid, accelerated tax savings due to Annual investment allowances and reduced tax savings for future years.

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