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Many of our claims start with our clients using our Claims Calculator.  This calculator was developed to allow potential clients to understand whether they could make a capital allowance claim. Our claims calculator requires just a few pieces of information. It takes the information you provide to give you an approximate claim amount.

working out capital allowances

Our Claims Calculator consists of 3 steps:

Information on the purchase of the property & improvements

Firstly, we ask about the property type.

This could include dental surgery, a hotel, offices, or a sports centre.  Then we want to know information on when the property was purchased, and how much it cost. Next, the circumstances surrounding the purchase e.g. whether the property was built, bought, leased, or inherited.  Finally, we need to know whether you’ve spent any money on improving the property.

Couple purchasing a property being handed the keys

Information on what the improvements to the property were, profits and the future of the business

Next, we’d like to know about expenditure on the property.

Following on from the last step, we want to know what entity has spent capital on buying or improving the commercial property. This could be a sole trader, partnership, or limited company.  We’d like to know your tax rate, and whether any tax has been paid on profits or income in the past 2 years.  We also need to know whether your business is forecasting taxable profits for the year. As well as if you’re planning to sell the business in the near future.

commercial property with scaffolding

Your contact information

Lastly, we want to ensure that we have your contact information so we can get in touch about your potential claim.  Please note, that we will not bombard you with messages, but we’d simply like to see whether you’d like to know more about a capital allowance claim.


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