serviced accommodation

Claim Results

  • 2018
  • £115,639
  • 2019
  • 29%
  • £1,906,063
  • £553,299

Serviced Accommodation

About the property

The property was previously a public house and has now been converted to ten serviced apartments with a small retail shop on the ground floor.

serviced accommodation and retail

The claim is in respect of the refurbishment expenditure to the three storey property by the current owner. The property was purchased by the current or via their limited company in 2014 for £2.7m. The conversion to serviced apartments was completed in 2018.

We reviewed all invoiced conversion expenditure and carried out a detailed inspection of the property. This with the aim of calculating the costs that qualify for tax relief.

about the claim
Two men looking at a building being built

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