Apartment building

Claim Results

  • 2009
  • £83,000
  • 2016
  • 24%
  • £1,100,000
  • £269,000

Landlord acquired property personally

About our client

Our client acquired a commercial property personally in 2009. The Property consists of six units and communal areas that are all occupied with tenants all paying rent to the landlord.

residential building

About the claim

We conducted a thorough analysis of fixtures, fittings, and fittings which had not yet been claimed for tax. We identified a staggering £269,000 in unclaimed Plant and Machinery equating to 25% of the property cost. We carried out a forensic survey to identify the relevant qualifying items which could highlight and generate tax savings reducing your tax liabilities.

about the claim

What our client says

“I engaged the services of Capital Allowance Review Service (CARS) on the advice of my Accountant to carry out an assessment of the property regarding Capital Allowances reclaim.

For the purpose of the assessment, it was necessary for them to undertake a thorough and extensive survey of the property both internally and externally over a two day period and this was undertaken in a professional and as far as the occupants were concerned, a discreet manner avoiding any disruption or inconvenience to them.

Subsequent to that inspection, I was provided a complete breakdown of the details for my approval and soon after that a detailed calculation and summary of the submission to HMRC in the form of a Capital Allowance claim.

CARS processed the claim to HMRC which was accepted and processed.
My experience of CARS in all matters of the assessment and claim was more than satisfactory and provides me with no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them to anyone considering such matters.”

Mr B Biggerstaff

What our client says
CARS team photo

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