BITO storage systems

Claim Results

  • 2008 – 2015
  • £75,000
  • 23%
  • 2016
  • in Excess of £1,500,000
  • in Excess of £350,000

BITO Storage Systems

About our client

The BITO Group is an internationally operating company specialising in storage and materials handling. BITO UK was formed in 1999 and has kept up to speed with the developments within the logistics industry.

As one of the few single service providers in its field, the company supplies shelving, containers, picking and transportation systems for all industries.

They are an international company, currently with more than 70,000 customers, and we are one of the market leaders in Europe.

Warehouse unit

In February 2016, Capital Allowance Review Service was appointed to complete a full Property Capital Allowance review of the company’s cost to develop a newly built unit 2015. Our process also uncovered further expenditure for another unit dating back to 2008.

Claim resulted in a recovery of tax paid, accelerated tax savings due to Annual Investment Allowance and reduced tax savings for future years.

This case is a great example of why it’s important to fully understand the clients property expenditure. Rather than focusing solely on the property recently built, our process looks deeper and highlighted unclaimed Capital Allowances going back to 2008.

about the claim

What our client says

“BITO Storage Systems has grown at a fast pace over the past decade, producing sensible profits and paying our taxes in the UK. I feel that the tax benefits we obtained with the support and guidance of Capital Allowance Review Service will enable us to invest more into the continued development of our company and therefore recommend them to like-minded businessmen.”

Mr E Hutchison | Managing Director


BITO storage systems
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