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Claim Results

  • 1999 and 2008
  • £130,000
  • £23,000
  • 2019
  • 27%
  • £2,455,000
  • £660,000

Care Homes (Built)

About our client

The two care homes have all the finishing touches residents would expect from a warm and welcoming home, with luxurious social spaces, attractive décor and freely accessible, secure gardens.

All bedrooms are en-suite, enabling the home to deliver person-centred care in a dignified manner, promoting independence as far as possible.

care home

The client in this case study built two large care homes funding by his limited company. This an investment with the aim of renting to a third party. Although the client had some understanding of Capital Allowances, he had been unable to find a firm that he felt he could trust. Our reputation and process which includes accounting, surveying, and tax return processing provided the reassurance he needed.

The claim was based on the cost of building the properties. The first built in 1999/2000 and the second in 2008/2009. It was important not to include any tenant’s expenditure as only landlord costs could be considered.

With care homes being one of the highest yielding sectors for Capital Allowance claims, this case generated a fantastic result for our client.

about the claim

What our client says

“When anyone generally says the word “tax” to me there is usually that feeling of anxiety due to not understanding the complicated UK tax system, the jargon, forms and code references that come with it and the concern of how much this would cost. However, I can hand on heart say that Chris and the Capital Allowance Review service made the process around claiming capital allowances completely painless and quick, supported by clear and full explanations. The added bonus was we saved tax, so for a friendly and supportive service I would highly recommend the CA team.”

Victoria Sylvester | Partner


care home
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