Claim Results

  • 2016
  • in Excess of - £78,000
  • 18%
  • in excess of - £2,100,000
  • £370,000

Hotel Client

About our client

This hotel was acquired in 2016 and subject to the legislation affecting commercial property transactions post-April 2014. We were engaged when contracts were drafted enabling us to secure tax savings for the Buyer (our client). Not only did we provide advice for the transaction, but we also completed the claim and supplied all documentation for Seller and Buyer to ensure legislation was satisfied.


Legislation applied property to the benefit of the Buyer.

Our fees include:

  • Pre-transaction review & advice (i.e. CPSE.1, Purchase Contract & Property History)
  • Full & Complete claim
  • Completion and supply of Legal Documents (i.e. valid Section 198 Election for Seller and Buyer)
about the claim
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