Claim Results

  • 2009
  • £35,352
  • 2017
  • 25%
  • £358,000
  • £88,382


About our client

This restaurant is owned personally by their own Company. The rent received from the Company occupying the property created a tax liability for the Client. The combination of tax liability and documents showing the previous owners had not carried out the exercise of highlighting the Property Embedded Fixtures & Features (PEFFs) meant the Client would benefit from our expertise.

Due to the Client’s higher rate tax status, this meant the amount of tax that will be saved as a result of the PEFFs highlighted will total £35,352.


PEFF Examples

  • Air con

    Extractor Fans

  • Alarm

    Intruder Alarm

  • Stool

    Non Slip Flooring

  • Toilet


  • Air con

    Air Conditioning

  • bathroom


  • Fixtures and fittings


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