Furnished office

Claim Results

  • 2011
  • £60,526
  • 22%
  • £638,000
  • £139,874


About the claim

This case study was completed in 2016 for a client that purchased a commercial property in 2011 for £638,000. The property was owned personally as an investment and tenanted by a third party paying rent. We conducted a thorough analysis of fixtures and fittings acquired at the time of purchase (2011) which had not yet been claimed for tax. We identified a staggering £139,874 in unclaimed Property Capital Allowances, equating the 22% of the property cost.

office building

How we can help you

We can help to maximise the tax savings available from your commercial property. Whether you are acquiring/improving a commercial property, there may well be substantial tax savings available to claim. We will carry out a forensic survey to identify the relevant qualifying items which could highlight and generate tax savings reducing your tax liabilities

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