Fun 2 Swim Ltd building

Claim Results

  • 2016 - 2022
  • 2023
  • 47%
  • 22%
  • £13,072
  • £293,736
  • 22%

Fun 2 Swim Ltd

About The Claim

The accountants had already claimed a substantial amount in allowances from their invoice review during the accounts production stage. The challenge was working closely with both the accountant and the client to enhance the claim beyond what good accounting techniques had identified. Given that the work spanned multiple accounting periods, it was essential to accurately pinpoint the time frame for the conducted work. This ensured that the final claim covered enhancements for Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) and Super-deduction, while also correctly determining any expenditure qualifying for Structures and Buildings Allowance (SBA).

Leisure facility

Our Approach

Every case begins with a comprehensive review. We delved deep into the previous claims to ensure we had a full picture. This step was crucial to avoid any potential double claims and to ensure that we have a clear starting point. Collaborating with the client was important to fully understand the details of the nature and timing of the works completed. Alongside this, we conversed with the accountant whom had recommended us to the client, recognising that expert support can help enhance the claim. An on-ground inspection was arranged to visually and practically assess the property and the works carried out. The site survey enabled our team to identify and validate qualifying expenditures that might be overlooked in paperwork alone.

Post site visit and collaboration, our team compiled a detailed report. This not only covered the enhanced claims but also provided a clear rationale for each claim, ensuring transparency and ease of understanding for the client and their accountant. Beyond the immediate claim, we also provided Fun 2 Swim Ltd with recommendations on potential future claims, ensuring they are well-positioned to maximise their allowances in the coming years.

Fun 2 Swim Ltd building

Examples of some of the embedded qualifying items that we found...

  • Swimming pool

    Pool construction costs

  • Air conditioning

    Air conditioning

  • Commercial macerator

    Commercial macerator

  • Glazed windows

    Replacement glazed windows

An observation from our Claims Coordinator, Ruby Whilock...

“The stand-out experience from the case was observing the collaboration between ourselves, the client, and the client’s accountants. This partnership enabled the potential to unearth extra allowances that could have otherwise slipped through the cracks, resulting in significant financial benefits for the client.”

Ruby Whilock, Claims Coordinator

“Our experience with the team was very good. They were efficient, keeping on top of everything and making things easier throughout each stage of the process. A survey on the property was carried out to identify the capital allowances that could be claimed. When the surveyor came, they were really friendly and very helpful. Overall, we were happy with the results!”

Suzanne Horton | Director

What our client says

What the accountant thought...

“Other members of my team have worked with CARS previously, however, this was my first time working directly with them, and what a result we achieved! They have great knowledge and they are dedicated to giving the best service to clients.”

Lisa Simm | Assistant Manager
DJH Mitten Clarke

Lisa Simm, assistant manager at DJH Mitten Clarke
CARS team photo

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