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Claim Results

  • £33,000
  • 30%
  • £570,000
  • £160,000

Longfield Care Homes

About our client

Longfield Care Homes is an independent provider operating quality care homes.

Their homes are decorated and furnished with their residents in mind to provide a relaxing, comfortable and pleasant environment to unwind.

care home

About the claim

We worked with Hallidays Accountants to review the Property Capital Allowances position for Longfield Care Homes Limited. Our claim resulted in a refund of tax paid and a benefit that will reduce the company’s tax liabilities over the next number of years.

about the claim


If you acquired a property prior to April 2014, there is no time bar for retrospective claims; meaning a claim started today could take into account years of investment in ‘plant and machinery’, reeling in tax savings on each and every item. This creates a significant opportunity for a boost to the business’s financial position in the present day.

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