Deadline: 31st January 2017

For completing 2016 Self Assessment returns & for amending 2015 Tax Returns

Now is a prime opportunity to review your Client’s tax position and to determine who may benefit from the tax savings available by claiming Property Capital Allowances on the Embedded Fixtures and Features within the commercial buildings, including unclaimed costs from historic property expenditure.

Claim now to reduce both the 2016 liability and the 2017 payment on account as well as the opportunity to amend tax returns and produce a tax refund. Acting now could secure significant tax saving for your qualifying Clients.

Changes in the Capital Allowances Act in 2014 have highlighted the importance of identifying and pooling the allowances as failure to do so could mean they are unrecoverable.

If your Clients are buying and/or selling commercial property we provide free advice with the aim of satisfying legislation and ensuring your Client is informed of their options.

It is a legal right under Capital Allowances Act 2001 to claim property capital allowances and does not have any impact on Capital Gains Tax calculations on disposal.

In January 2016 the maximum AIA was reduced to £200,000.

As a Property Tax Consultancy Business, we offer a large team of qualified individuals including Chartered Accountants, Tax Experts, Ex-HMRC Inspectors to ensure a high level of due diligence is achieved. Our broad range of skills offers an outstanding Client service and is well positioned to deliver strong advice to your business. You have nothing to pay if a beneficial claim is not viable on your property expenditure. Our pledge is to provide you with an exceptional service and ensure it’s tailored to meet your individual needs.

Capital Allowance Review Service: Tel 01782 916240

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