Deadline missed does not mean opportunity lost!

As the deadline for completing 2016 self-assessment returns and amending 2015 tax returns rapidly approaches, completing a property capital allowance claim in time is now unlikely.

However, your Clients’ tax position could still benefit from claiming Property Capital Allowances on the embedded fixtures and features within commercial buildings including previously unclaimed costs from historic property expenditure.

For Clients who qualify, claims made could recover part, if not all, of the tax that is due on 31st January 2017 and reduce their payments on account for 2016/2017. In addition, a claim could also reduce their tax liabilities over future years.

Our process requires minimal effort from you or your Clients. Our team of Capital Allowance experts includes Accountants, Tax Experts and Surveyors, all of whom help to maximise the claim. We even review your Client’s property portfolio at no extra cost to ascertain if a claim can be made.

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Plus, we pay a referral fee of the fees.

Act now and speak to one of our experts today! 01782 916240

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