Assess Eligibility Upfront

Does your property qualify?

Before embarking on the sales journey, it’s imperative to determine whether your property qualifies for capital allowances. These allowances typically apply to assets like plant and machinery, integral features, and certain improvements. Seeking guidance from tax professionals or capital allowance experts can help clarify eligibility and estimate potential allowances available, setting the stage for informed decision-making.

Organise Documentation

Facilitate a smoother process

As a seller, to substantiate your capital allowance claim before or during the sale, ensure you have all relevant documentation in order. This could include invoices, contracts, and records demonstrating the acquisition or installation of qualifying assets. Well-organised and comprehensive documentation not only strengthens your claim but also instils confidence in potential buyers, facilitating a smoother transaction process.


Consider a Professional Review

Reduce the risk of missed opportunities

Engaging a specialist to conduct a capital allowance review can prove invaluable. These experts meticulously evaluate your property, identifying any overlooked allowances and ensuring compliance with tax regulations. A thorough review not only maximises the allowances retained or transferred but also minimises the risk of missed opportunities, ultimately optimising the property’s value.

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Transparent Communication with Buyers

Clarity is key

Transparency is key when selling a property with capital allowances. Before disclosing information to prospective buyers, understand the available allowances and weigh the options of retaining or transferring them. Key documents, such as Commercial Property Standard Enquiries (CPSE.1) and Section 198 Election (S198) outline your intentions without prematurely revealing too much. This balanced approach projects clarity and trust while minimising potential complications.

Navigating the Transfer Process

Ensuring a smooth process with expert advice

In cases where allowances are transferred to the buyer, navigating the associated processes is crucial. Understanding legislative requirements and adhering to time restrictions is paramount. Seeking professional advice ensures the proper completion of documentation, such as the Section 198 election, facilitating a seamless transfer that protects the interests of all parties involved.

S198 document

Maximising Support for a Smooth Transaction

Trust CARS to support you

Navigating the intricacies of tax legislation can be daunting, underscoring the importance of seeking expert support. Tax specialists provide invaluable assistance in preparing essential documentation and offer insights into potential tax implications. Comprehensive services, like a ‘Commercial Property Legal Pack,’ streamline the process, minimising the risk of oversights and ensuring a seamless transaction experience.

CARS team

Retain or Transfer

Ask us for expert advice

When deciding whether to retain or transfer remaining allowances, careful consideration is warranted. Each option carries its own benefits, so seeking advice to determine the most advantageous path is advisable. Completing a Section 198 election within the stipulated timeframe is crucial for transferring allowances smoothly, a process that can be simplified with the assistance of specialist advisors.

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