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Property Capital Allowances: Tax Planning

By Capital Allowance | 6th March 2020 |

Property Capital Allowances Many businesses and their advisers will think they’re already doing this! What is Capital Allowance? Capital Allowances allow commercial property owners to claim qualifying items of capital expenditure as a tax deduction and are a valuable tax relief.  Property Capital Allowances can recover tax paid and reduce taxes for companies and individuals…

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Capital Allowances Guide

By Capital Allowance | 6th March 2020 |

Capital Allowances Guide – Everything You Need to Know In order to properly address your taxes, it’s important to understand all that you can about how taxes are handled. Learning about capital allowances will help you claim credits that will reduce your tax bill. So what should you know about capital allowances? Read on to…

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Capital Allowance Tax Relief could be lost

By Capital Allowance | 31st January 2020 |

Capital Allowance Tax Relief could be lost Learn more before it’s too late! In 2014 new legislation came into force that dictated how Capital Allowances should be treated at the point of disposal or acquisition of a commercial property owned by a UK taxpayer. These New Rules continue to be very misunderstood and the consequences…

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Don’t miss the deadline 31st January 2020!

By Capital Allowance | 16th December 2019 |

Maximise Property Embedded Capital Allowances for 2018! We would like to remind you that the deadline is approaching to complete Self Assessments for 2018/2019 and for amending 2017/2018 Tax Returns! Now is the opportunity to review your tax position and consider if you can benefit from claiming for the Embedded Fixtures and Fittings within your…

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Capital Allowances: Hidden but discoverable

By Capital Allowance | 29th November 2019 |

Capital Allowances: Hidden but discoverable Property Embedded Fixtures and Fittings are a specialist element of the well-known subject of Capital Allowances and are a taxable benefit against qualifying expenditure on Plant and Machinery for the purpose of the trade. All commercial property contains embedded fixtures and fittings, which is vital for the trade to function,…

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Determining Value: The Section 198 Election Process

By Capital Allowance | 29th October 2019 |
Determining Value S198 Election process explained

Section 198 Election Process So, you decided to buy a commercial property. You’ve done a lot of research on your new commercial property and you’re ready to negotiate the best price. The sale price isn’t everything and you don’t want to overlook other savings! What else can you do? Negotiate and separate the value of…

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Capital Allowance advice on commercial property

By Capital Allowance | 17th October 2019 |

Capital Allowance advice when buying commercial property We are aware that, due to its complexity, correct capital allowance advice in commercial property transactions is not always given.  Many commercial property owners have not claimed their full entitlement of capital allowances making it very difficult to satisfy legislation. This means businesses with commercial property interest simply miss a…

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Had you had a Capital Allowance survey?

By Capital Allowance | 16th August 2019 |

Have you or your clients had a survey of their property to highlight the embedded fixtures and fittings that qualify for tax relief? It’s automatically assumed that information is readily available for the standard accounting routines to maximise tax relief from expenditure to buy and improve a commercial property. When sufficient detail isn’t available, a…

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Concealed Cash: The Benefits of the R&D Tax Credit

By Capital Allowance | 20th June 2019 |

The UK business sector has spent over £23 billion on research and development (R&D) as of 2017. This constituted the largest portion of the total gross domestic expenditure on research and development in this period. Every business recognises the value of R&D in creating higher economic value. The government does recognise the role R&D plays…

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A Guide to 2019 Annual Investment Allowance Increase

By Capital Allowance | 9th May 2019 |

The 2019 Annual Investment Allowance Increase The Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) offers tax relief to businesses that need to purchase business equipment. It allows your business to deduct the total amount spent on qualifying equipment from your taxable profits in the same tax year. AIA can be adjusted each year with the new Budget. In…

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