The Team behind the Expertise and Experience at Capital Allowance Review Service Ltd

Capital Allowance Review Service Ltd is staffed by a large team of Chartered Accountants, Tax Experts, Ex-HMRC Inspectors, Surveyors, and many other qualified individuals ensuring a high level of diligence is achieved. We are a specialist company with over 15 years’ experience in highlighting embedded fixtures, fittings and features within commercial property that qualify for tax relief. Our expertise results in a substantial recovery of tax paid and a reduction in corporation or income tax liabilities.

Our dynamic team operates from our offices in the Midlands and London. The broad range of skills offers outstanding client service and is well-positioned to deliver strong advice to your business. There are over 60 members of staff who have a range of skills and professional qualifications to ensure clients receive the best quality service possible.

As such the firm has a wide range of clients, mainly comprising of companies and individuals that have spent significant capital acquiring and/or improving the commercial property.


How we helped Lavenders Care Home recover £157,140 on Tax

One client we have recently worked with is Lavenders Care Home, a family-run care home in Kent that has been running for 35 years. In 2014 our firm was appointed to complete a full Property Capital Allowance review after many years of extensive and unclaimed improvements work. We analysed the property expenditure of £1,105,059 and generated £392,850 capital allowances, producing an overall tax saving of £157,140. Due to the tax already paid by the owners, we were able to claim back a tax refund in the first year to the sum of £55,762, which was an excellent result for the client.

This example highlights the fact that Capital Allowance Review Service Limited, is totally dedicated to the tax benefits available from commercial property resulting in significant tax recovery, and reduction in tax liabilities for our clients. Commercial property acquisition and improvement costs incurred by a UK taxpayer anywhere in the world are eligible to claim Capital Allowances on expenditure incurred on qualifying plant and machinery.

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Our Process for Identifying and Establishing the Full Value of PEFF's

Tax relief available from Property Embedded Fixtures & Features has been around for over 100 years, yet is routinely missed as accounting procedures usually only pick up on expenditure for movable items that are covered by an invoice. Our role is to identify and establish the full value of qualifying items that are embedded in the fabric of the property.

When undertaking a new project our dedicated staff communicate with the client through every step of the process. Our role includes everything from our original discussions and explanations of the concept; checking there is a valid claim; discussions with the client and accountant (where necessary); collating the documentation; checking accounts and legal documents; conducting surveys and valuations; compilation and processing including submission to HMRC and dealing with any queries they may have directly.

We visit the property in question, identify the items that are invisible within the paperwork and prepare a full report for submission to HMRC. As part of our services, we will also help clients to safeguard capital expenditure for any future Capital Gains calculations. We also take responsibility for dealing directly with HMRC for up to the 12 months after the claim has been submitted ensuring that our clients feel fully supported and properly advised every step of the way.


Support and Collaboration with Industry Peers and Advisors

Alongside our work recovering taxes for our clients, we are also dedicated to supporting our peers in the tax industry, helping them to enrich their knowledge and understanding. We were part of the HMRC working party that created the new legislation, with a 100% claim record to date.

In addition, we also support all types of property advisors and agents e.g. accountants and solicitors, and as such we work tirelessly to ensure that research is maintained so that we are up to date with current tax legislation and are able to offer relevant support and advice, both to our clients and our industry colleagues. We provide our expertise to one of the UK’s leading suppliers of help and support to the accounting profession, and as such, we need to be certain that the information we provide to them is accurate, and we take our research very seriously.

Moving forward we are keen to continue to embed our services within organisations that both advise and support the commercial property sector. To achieve this we are increasing our brand promotion through a new website and TV advert for Capital Allowance Review Service Ltd, both of which will be launched in March.

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