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Care Home Group

About our client

This client evolved to become a leading provider in the delivery of both residential and support living services for people with learning disabilities, mental health conditions including autism, who require a safe and supportive environment to learn and self-develop.  They currently have residential community homes in the South of the UK and aim to develop with the changing needs and demands of their customers.

care home

About the claim

In 1986 this client acquired its first care home and went to acquire another 31 over a 24 year period.  This resulted in a significant level of property expenditure which included costs to both improve and maintain.  When reviewing accounts prepared by PWC it was confirmed our expertise would secure significant tax savings as a result of surveying each property and highlighting the embedded fixtures and fittings that qualified for tax relief.

Sovereign Capital and Capital Allowance Review Service secured significant tax savings for this company due to significant expenditure on commercial property.

care home
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