Claim Results

  • 2010
  • £203,114
  • 34%
  • £2,870,000
  • £966,222

Holiday Park

About our client

This country park was acquired in 2010 and owned by a Limited Company. The Company spent in total acquiring the park £2,870,000. The new owner (our Client) bought not only structures when acquiring the park but fixtures, features and fittings that carried a function for the business to continue trading as a holiday park. The business generates a taxable profit which the Capital Allowances claim reduced.

Due to the Client’s tax status, this meant that the amount of tax that will be saved as a result of the PEFFs could total £203,114.

Holiday park

PEFF Examples

  • Pipes

    Compressed air pipes

  • power

    Fuse boards

  • delivery bays

    Loading bay dock leveller

  • heating

    Covered radiator system

  • bathroom

    Wet room and drainage

  • Alarm

    Alarm system

Two men looking at a building being built

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