Furnished holiday let

Claim Results

  • 2015 -2017
  • 2019
  • £16,670
  • 26%
  • £287,000
  • £75,572

Land purchased and FHL Built

About our client

Our client purchased land at Waternish, Isle of Skye, in May 2014 and built a luxury holiday cottage. The property includes three spacious en-suite bedrooms, a dining room, living room and kitchen.

furnished holiday let

The claim is based on the build costs of around £276,000 and additional chattels costing £11,000. The expenditure, incurred by an individual personally, spanned from 2015 to 2017. Both general pool and special rate pool allowances were available. The claim generated a repayment of tax paid and secured tax savings that will be used against the income generated from this furnished hotel let (FHL).

about the claim

“I had a good experience working with you all. Chris in particular is a pleasant guy and was easy to communicate with. You helped me to achieve a good tax refund, higher than what was expected. You were also very flexible with the payment of fees which I really value this added touch when I deal with a company. I want to thank you for the great service you have given me and I have recommended you to quite a few of my contacts. Many people don’t know this service is available and they should as the benefits are large.”

Tom Wilkinson | Managing Owner

What our client says
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