Don’t miss the deadline 31st January 2020!

Now is the opportunity to review your tax position and consider if you can benefit from claiming for the Embedded Fixtures and Fittings within your commercial properties, including the unclaimed costs from the historical property expenditure.

We encourage you to start a Capital Allowance claim now to receive a potential tax refund and reduce tax liabilities for the future.

Changes in the Capital Allowance Act in 2014 highlight the importance of identifying and pooling the allowances correctly as failure to do so could mean they are irrecoverable.

It is a legal right under the Capital Allowances Act 2001 to claim Property Embedded Capital Allowances and does not impact Capital Gains calculations on disposal.

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Annual Investment Allowance

Between April 2008 and January 2019, the Annual Investment Allowance has changed several times.  In January 2019, the AIA increased to £1,000,000 until 31st December 2020.  This is a generous increase that may have been intended to compensate for the phasing out of ECA’s and the reduction in Integral Features allowances.  The two-year timeframe puts pressure on ensuring that the full property expenditure is reviewed in a timely manner – however, this is often highlighted when a retrospective claim is made.

If capital has been spent buying or improving a commercial property, then it’s most likely there are significant tax savings available!

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When should Capital Allowance Review Service get involved?

  • When a commercial property is/has been built, extended, bought or refurbished.
  • If a commercial property is being bought or sold, it is crucial we are involved to ensure the correct provisions are inserted to secure your wishes and protect advisors.

If you are buying/selling commercial property, we give free advice with the aim of satisfying legislation and ensuring you are informed of your options.

Don’t miss the hidden value in your business.

Contact us today and find out if you’re eligible to claim.

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