Why was super-deduction introduced?

Super-deduction allows companies, that are subject to corporation tax, to cut their tax bill. This is done by claiming 130% capital allowances on qualifying expenditures. This allowance was introduced by the government for 2 years for capital spent from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2023, to encourage business growth and investment after businesses took a hit financially during the pandemic. Qualifying purchases of new plant and machinery would either be placed under the main pool of super-deduction or in the special pool as a 50% first-year allowance.

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What can I claim 130% capital allowances on?

Plant and machinery

Items that are used for the purpose of the trade are referred to as plant and machinery when claiming capital allowances. What qualifies as plant and machinery is not defined in law and therefore can be overlooked if not reviewed by an expert.

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When reviewing expenditures, qualifying items are divided up into the main rate pool, in which super-deduction relief can be claimed, and the special rate pool, where the first-year allowance relief is claimed.

What can this include?

Capital allowance pools

Examples of items in the main rate pool:

  • Computer equipment
  • Property embedded fixtures and fittings
  • Office equipment

Examples of items in the special rate pool:

  • Solar panels
  • Water pipes
  • Electrical systems

These are only a select few and there are many more items, so leaning on expert advice is important.

Can I claim after 31 March 2023?

When the end date arrives, don't switch off just yet!

Claiming beyond April 2023

It all depends on the timing of when the spend is:


Old expenditures can still be claimed after the deadline on the basis that any qualifying items were purchased from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2023. Technically, super-deduction will continue to form part of capital allowance reviews up until 31 March 2025 due to the ability to amend & resubmit tax returns where super-deduction is available.


Any expenditure incurred after 31 March 2023 will not qualify for this tax relief. Therefore, if there’s a possibility work on a project could be brought forward, this may benefit the business in making sure they qualify for this relief.

Unconditionally agreed

If work is unconditionally agreed on or before 31 March 2023 then you have 4 months after for the spend to still qualify. Proof of this will always need to be attained to ensure no problems will arise if HMRC ever raises an inquiry.



This is where the importance lies in ensuring that all available tax relief has been secured correctly with the help of a specialist team. 

Something to keep in mind...

With many businesses looking to make the most of this tax relief whilst available, we would recommend obtaining and holding all relevant information to substantiate a claim for super-deduction. All businesses claiming super-deduction need to be mindful of the qualifying conditions, time restrictions & documenting requirements to remove the potential risks and stresses in the event of an HMRC inquiry.

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