John Fowler Holiday Parks

Paul and his team at CARS have provided an excellent service. They have been nothing but professional and helpful throughout the entire process. We were a little skeptical at first, especially when the unclaimed capital allowances figure CARS projected was millions rather than thousands. On a no-win, no fee basis, we put... Continue reading

Laura Boucher

Finance Director


Thomas Westcott Chartered Accountants

CARS communicated extensively throughout the claim process to ensure our client and ourselves remained aware of progress. This enabled the claim to be included in the most advantageous open period. The final report created to support the claim was comprehensive and easily showed the information to be included on the amended... Continue reading

Mark Tibbert



Tuchbands Chartered Accountants

Capital Allowance Review Service provided a very professional approach to my clients’ capital allowance claim and produced a good result.  I completely trusted their team to liaise directly with our clients and highly recommend their services to anyone looking to make a claim.  

Philip Woolfson



Copper & Optic Terminations Limited

I can tell you I’ve turned away scores of telesales calls offering the kinds of tax relief benefits for R&D relief over the years but on this occasion, it was clear that Capital Allowance Services knew what they were talking about.  Only a couple of short meetings to explain what we do, how we do it and we left... Continue reading

Phil Latham

Managing Director


TG Associates Chartered Accountants

I reconnected with Capital Allowance Review Service to help with a client who is a lessor and needed some clarity.  I found them to be very professional and very easy to work with.  They did all the hard work and due to our time pressures, was provided with their report in time.  I would recommend them to others.   Continue reading

Ritesh Gudka

Business Partner


Paragon Education & Skills Limited

Working with CARS was streamlined and hassle-free.  From the first time we spoke to them they were clear about what they could and couldn’t do and they were realistic in their expectations of the final outcome. One of our concerns was that we would incur additional professional fees (audit or taxation) and that these... Continue reading

David Hills

Finance Director

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