Film Studio

Claim Results

  • 2023
  • Film Studios
  • £811,020
  • Super-deduction, Annual Investment Allowance, Structures & Buildings Allowance
  • £3,521,702

Film Studio Facilities

About the Claim

Our client’s studios were constructed to meet the highest standards, and designed with flexibility in mind, by considering the potential for future relocation. The design incorporated the ability to easily strip down the building to its shell if a decision was made to move to alternative premises. Our focus was on thoroughly reviewing the acoustical aspects of the building. We examined and distinguished between movable elements and those integrated into the structural framework. This in-depth analysis was crucial to fully understanding the complexities of the space and optimise the capital allowances claimed.

Filming studio

Our Approach

Our approach began with a comprehensive survey of the studios, gathering crucial information to lay the foundation for our analysis. We then collaborated closely with the client to gain a deep understanding of the building’s mechanics and how it was specifically designed to accommodate the incurred expenditure. By combining the insights from our survey and the client’s valuable input, we carried out an evaluation of the eligible capital allowances. Our team used their expertise to identify and assess the qualifying assets within the studios, ensuring a thorough and accurate claim.

The outcome of our diligent efforts exceeded expectations, leading to an exceptionally strong capital allowances claim. The collaboration between our team and the client proved fruitful, resulting in a claim that maximised the available tax relief. The satisfaction of our client stands as a testament to the quality and effectiveness of our approach. This case showcases our commitment to providing exceptional results in capital allowances optimisation.

Through a comprehensive survey, close collaboration with the client, and meticulous analysis, we were able to unlock substantial tax savings for our client. Our expertise and attention to detail ensured that every eligible asset is identified and included in the claim, whether it’s acoustical elements or other intricate aspects, our dedicated team is equipped to navigate complex scenarios and maximise eligible capital allowances, whilst delivering the utmost value for our client.

Camera filming

Examples of some of the embedded qualifying items that we found...

  • Acoustic doors

    Acoustic doors

  • Film and IT equipment

    Film and IT equipment

  • Air Conditioning

    Air Conditioning

  • Plumbing


Client Testimonial...

“The team at CARS did a great job of our claim. The final report was sent over at the end that held all the information regarding the work they had completed and the results achieved, it was a very thorough and useful document. They were always happy to address any queries I had so I can’t fault the communication. An overall good experience and I would happily work with them again.”

What our client says

An observation from our Senior Claims Analyst, Dave Corfield...

“Analysing the studios’ design and liaising closely with the client unveiled exceptional claim potential. This experience highlights the significance of expertise and attention to detail in unlocking hidden tax savings. It’s truly fulfilling to see our clients benefit from our comprehensive analysis, ensuring their claim accurately reflects the value of their investments.”

Dave Corfield Senior Claims Analyst
CARS team photo

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