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Claim Results

  • 2009
  • £11,020
  • 14%
  • £400,000
  • £58,000

McKellens Accountants

About the claim

McKellens Chartered Accountants approached Capital Allowance Review Service Ltd to undertake an ‘Integral Fixtures & Feature’ review of building with the intention of identifying the fixtures & features embedded within the property on which the Capital Allowances remained unclaimed. This process involved a detailed analysis of the information relating to ownership, capital expenditure and tax position. After the initial due diligence and identifying whether a potential claim was available, a ROOM BY ROOM SURVEY took place identifying the ‘Integral Fixtures & Features’ within the property.

We then cost these items including installation based upon the year of acquisition and subsequent expenditure. This then enabled a tax refund together with valuable tax credits to reduce future tax liabilities. Following the successful claim and comprehensive manner in which we provide our service, McKellens were thrilled with the result and happy for us to use their example to illustrate what the surrounding office owners may be entitled too.

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What our client says

“I am one of the partners of a two-partner practice which celebrated over 100 years of providing client service. When we moved offices nearly three years ago we were introduced to a firm called Capital Allowance Review Service who specialise in making sure you claim the maximum amount of tax allowances possible for commercial property. Like many other general practitioners, we thought that we new all the important stuff about capital allowances…after Paul Roberts had finished with us we realised there was a whole lot more to be claimed than we first thought! In fact, CARS identified £58,000 of capital allowances over and above what we had already identified on a building with a cost of £400,000. For those of you who own commercial property or who have clients who own commercial property you simply must ensure that you/they have claimed as much as possible, because if you don’t, somebody else will! Being able to tap into a specialist organisation that does all the technical and research work for you is a huge relief and makes you stand out compared to the competition”

Chris Booth | Partner

mckellens accountants
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