car dealership

Claim Results

  • £13,928
  • 2012
  • 2016
  • £6,072
  • 8%
  • £975,362
  • £74,611

Car Dealership

About our client

Our client transformed from a finance brokerage into a portfolio of complimentary, best in class brands, products and services which are designed to put the customer first and help their partnerships to grow.

The passion and enthusiasm of their staff enabled our client to deliver the results that have gained them awards and recognition, both within and outside of their industry.

retail and warehouse
  • Property owned personally, acquired in 2012
  • Limited company acquired the property from Directors in 2017
  • New Legislation applied to the transaction (post April 2014)
  • Claim completed based on personal spend in 2012
  • Claim utilised personally before passing remaining pool to company
  • New legislation satisfied and approx. £20,000 Tax Savings achieved
about the claim
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