Claim Results

  • 2007 - 2009
  • £35,565
  • 2019
  • 12%
  • £352,852 - £329,000
  • £83,208

Offices acquired by partnership

About the property

The property is a pair of joining two-storey modern office buildings constructed in 2007. Originally the units were built as two separate units and bought by our client in 2007 and 2009. After acquiring the second unit, the two were linked by a first floor internal door with high specification internal fittings.

office building

A long term lease was acquired by a Partnership owned equally by two individuals. The property was occupied by their own Limited Company with rent payable to the Partnership. The Capital Allowances secured were split 50/50 and used by the landlords to offset tax against rent received. In addition to the Partnership’s tax savings, the rent paid by their own Limited Company also helped reduce the company’s taxable profits.

about the claim

“When anyone generally says the word “tax” to me there is usually that feeling of anxiety due to not understanding the complicated UK tax system, the jargon, forms and code references that come with it and the concern of how much this would cost. However, I can hand on heart say that Chris and the Capital Allowance Review service made the process around claiming capital allowances completely painless and quick, supported by clear and full explanations. The added bonus was we saved tax, so for a friendly and supportive service I would highly recommend the CA team.”

Victoria Sylvester | Partner

What our client says
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