Greater claim examinations

With the growing awareness of the viability of property capital allowance claims on commercial property, knowledge of the large sums of money available to offset against the investment and the rapid growth in the number of “claims companies” entering the arena, HMRC are closely examining their parameters in allowing a claim.

New legislation means claims will be liable to greater scrutiny and time factors introduced now limit the pooling of capital allowances on property transactions.


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What are the HMRC requirements?

  • Due diligence with regard to previous handling of capital allowances
  • Detailed information of the items included in the claim
  • Substantiation that these items are required for the claimant’s business
  • Details and substantiated costing of the claim
  • Just & Reasonable Apportionment
  • Contact point for discussions/enquires/challenges etc

The Elephant in the Room

Functionality and Embedded are key to our approach.

Plant & Machinery is not defined in law. This creates a misunderstanding and confusion about what does and doesn’t qualify and it is often assumed that all Capital Allowances have been claimed.

A key difference that we can offer is adding value to the work of a good but non-specialist Accountant, as an Accountant’s review normally begins and ends with analysing invoices and following the paper trail.

We will visit the property and identify the embedded items which are not available within the paperwork.

elephant in the room

Partner With Us

We provide an expert team with over 20 years of experience supporting the professional sector with ‘in-house’ PEFF’s claims.

Since inception, we have built many trusted relationships with numerous Clients and their Advisors from satisfied recommendations and continue to work closely with them.  We are not a rival accounting company looking to acquire Clients.  We simply want to provide an exceptional service to protect businesses from any exposure to risk/negligent claims.

Our process has been designed to help build and protect client relationships.  See our Partner With Us page.

What we can offer you

  • Intimate Knowledge

    Intimate knowledge of capital allowances legislation

  • Stringent Investigation

    Stringent investigation of the previous handling of capital allowances

  • How to build a robust case

    Professional surveying and costing of property

  • Individual Advice

    Individual advice pertaining to each case

  • HMRC

    Liaising with professional advisers and HMRC

  • Clock

    Comprehensive aftercare during the time when HMRC may revisit a claim

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