Why are these important?

The accountancy sector is under constant pressure, and we understand time is a key challenge for most accountants we support.

Although we have refined a process that removes the need for accountants to spend time on cases. It can be difficult to keep accountants updated with legislative updates and key trigger points when talking with clients.


We have trialled our coffee mornings with a number of accountancy firms. After receiving fantastic feedback, we’re pleased to be launching them to accountants across the UK.

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Scheduling a time that works for you

With new hybrid working patterns and already busy schedules, we understand finding free time can be difficult. That’s why we’re totally flexible on organising a day, and time that suits your needs. Time is precious, so we have purposefully designed the coffee mornings to be short 30-minute introductions to how our team can support you. We can also run these as breakfast meetings, taking place before the working day starts.


The CARS team will always be on hand after the session for anyone wishing to have a quick chat to discuss client-specific scenarios.

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What do we cover

Our sessions are hosted by our directors Chris and Paul Roberts.

Essentially, the contents of your coffee mornings can be tailored to your preference, and we can focus on areas you feel your firm requires support. They began by reviewing the concept of capital allowances, alongside a case study. This shows the value of capital allowance claims when the correct due diligence is applied.

Next, they will discuss how the subject of capital allowances can be brought into a conversation with clients. Something which can be quite tricky if this isn’t approached correctly.

To finish off, they will explain some key legislative changes that are often misunderstood or create unnecessary complications. A discussion will follow that provide further support.

We’re currently working on a second coffee morning, that looks into further detail and revisits scenarios discussed in the first session.

Who is it for?

Sessions are tailored for accountants

Our sessions are great for accountants who are acting on behalf of clients who are spending money on commercial property. Whether it be buying or improving.

These could include Partners, Client Services Directors, Tax Directors, Client Managers, and many more.

Our coffee mornings provide the needed support to enhance the services offered to clients.


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What were the results?

During each session so far, groups have asked a wide variety of questions. Each session had fantastic levels of interaction, which proved how beneficial the discussions had been.

Interestingly, allocating time to specific subjects enabled attendees to focus on how the topic could be applied to a number of their own clients. Highlighting various situations that require attention. This allowed time to think about how capital allowances could be used to help build, and protect relationships with clients.

Our objectives, set out at the beginning, were accomplished and we received great feedback from the group.


  • 100% of them said the session was helpful
  • Of all attendees, 100% said there was good quality information provided
  • 100% said they would attend another one in the future! 
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We asked 4 accountants what they thought...

“I thought it was great, Chris and Paul did a fantastic job. The atmosphere was relaxed but yet the session was so beneficial. It was great to get an understanding, face to face, of what CARS does. I found it very helpful how you summarised what to look out for with clients (trigger points). This helped bring to mind clients that could benefit from a capital allowance claim that we might not have thought of. They answered our questions thoroughly at the end and we are grateful for their support.”


Dil Eden, Client Manager

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“The session was informative but not overwhelming. There is so much involved in these claims that you just don’t realise and it made it even clearer to us why this area of our accounting routines needs some specialist support. Chris and Paul explained everything in a way that kept the team’s attention and triggered them to ask further questions at the end. We plan to have these sessions on a regular basis as having this allocated time to focus on capital allowances ensures we, as a company, are keeping focused on giving our clients the best service when it comes to these claims.”


Paul Hulme, Executive Director

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“We have worked with the CARS team recently on a claim for one of our clients and seen first-hand the great service they provide in supporting us as an accountancy firm. So, when Chris and Paul approached us asking to host a coffee morning at our branch we definitely said yes. To have the opportunity to delve into the knowledge they have, even for a short time, was only going to benefit our business for the best. They both did a wonderful job and they were happy to fit the session around a time that suited our schedules. Thank you to you both, we will look forward to the next one!”


Helen Wilson, Manager

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“Having Chris and Paul come to our branch was a great help to the team. We aren’t specialists in capital allowances and we know this is an area that requires a lot of expert due diligence to ensure the best for our clients. They explained the concept to our team and reviewed a case study with us which highlighted the huge potential these claims can have. It’s safe to say that it left everyone with some food for thought and offered their continued support moving forward. They really know their stuff, so I would certainly recommend these sessions to other accountancy firms looking for support in this area.”


Joanne Beamish, Client Services Director

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Expanding to other accountancy firms across the UK

We are here to adapt and fit in with your busy schedules.

CARS is pleased to announce that we plan to roll these sessions out across the UK! We feel strongly that these coffee mornings could be a game-changer for accountancy firms looking for support in the area of capital allowances. Offering face-to-face meetings, and Zoom sessions and we can also open up our training rooms to those that would like to come to us.


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