Offering Capital Allowance support to accountancy practices in the UK

Our support service not only saves your clients thousands in tax relief but also strengthens your relationship with them for the long term.

We provide a specialist capital allowance team at no extra cost. Our expert team, with a background in property law and surveying, to name a few, check all the necessary aspects to help to create a robust claim. These experts then become the go-to tax department within your firm.

CARS team

Support that's always on hand

Every client’s case is different and there may be times when you have complex questions that you need advice on urgently. Luckily, our team will always be on hand to answer or assist you with any queries you have via telephone, email, Zoom, or any other form of communication. With limited time available to you, it’s an added benefit to have resources so easily accessible whenever needed.

Where do we fit in with your firm?

  • Our team will work remotely

    There will be no extra costs of bigger office spaces or resources.

  • Accountants testimonial

    You will always be kept informed during the process.

  • All our work will have you're name attached

    As far as your client is concerned, we are you!

  • An accountants testimonial

    We will provide a well established process to retrieve exceptional results.

No extra costs to your firm

We’ve mentioned that there will be no extra costs to your firm, so where do the costs come in?

We have a ‘no claim, no fee’ policy, meaning your clients can investigate a claim without the risk of losing anything. Where tax savings are available then a small percentage of the claim becomes the fee paid by the client. We will always try to accommodate your clients so they not out of pocket by adjusting our fee process wherever we can, to fit alongside any tax refunds or savings they have made.

We will share either generated fees with you or provide preferential rates to your clients, depending on prior partnership arrangements.

Magnifying glass to identify costs

Take a look at what other accountants thought...

“They even provided extra support with some questions I had regarding things that weren’t related to the claims we were working on. They went that extra mile to help me wherever they could.”

Faisal Aslam | Director at Countplus Accounting

“The thorough due diligence they adhere to in their routines gives us the confidence that we and our clients are in good hands.”

Lisa Jones | Clients Services Director at DJH Mitten Clarke

“Every time they have obtained refunds from HMRC and the speed at which this is accomplished along with minimum fuss throughout the whole process is fantastic.”

Paul Billing | Director at Billing and Co

“Everything was painless and easy. I really appreciated the fact that they didn’t need much of my involvement with the process.”

Adam O’Hara | Executive Director at PSF Accounting

2 men talking

Do you have a client that you would like support with? Get in touch with one of our team...

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