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Our focus is your clients

We support accountants across the UK to help build and protect relationships. We do this by delivering the best possible outcome for your clients with PEFF (Property Embedded Fixtures and Fittings) claims. Over many years of experience, we have developed and refined a robust process. This process maintains our ability to accommodate preferences from different accountancy firms.

A key part of our success is our team, as capital allowances requires a multitude of qualified disciplines. Ranging from chartered surveyors, tax specialists, and an ex-HMRC inspector all on hand, as well as other crucial technical individuals. Our team satisfies all the requirements and we’re proud of our trusted reputation.

Coffee morning with accountants

Take a look in more detail to see what’s involved in partnering with us.

Our work with Accountants

It’s our expertise that sets us apart

We have been one of a few long-standing firms that specialise purely in capital allowances. For many years we have built trusting partnerships with accountants across the UK. Allowing us to share the success we’ve achieved, not only in helping accountants but securing benefits for their clients. For UK taxpayers, who have spent money on buying, building and improving commercial property.

Take a look at our recent case studies below where we have partnered with accountancy firms to achieve the best tax savings possible for their clients.

Paul Roberts sitting down with a client

Tailored coffee mornings

To offer further support to accountants, we provide tailored coffee mornings, which have proven to be a great way to access brief, but insightful sessions to educate accountants on the key aspects of capital allowances.

It can be difficult for accountants with their busy schedules to keep up to date with the frequent legislation changes and understand the intricacies when considering a client position.

By avoiding missed opportunities to claim embedded capital allowances, client relationships can only become stronger.

We can tailor the session by industry or a particular aspect of capital allowances.

Read more on the successes we’ve had with our coffee morning sessions

A list of the benefits that come from joining the coffee morning

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Upcoming events

Capital allowances are often misunderstood and underestimated, and with ever-changing legislation, the process can become even more complex. By not administering the situation correctly, and at the right time, capital allowances can easily be lost.

With a background in commercial property law, our Director, James Beardmore, joins Paul Roberts to discuss how changes to explain the latest changes in more detail. Whilst helping you understand what to do and at what points previous legislation can still be applied. Want to chat with a member of our team? Get in touch.

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Useful documents

  • pen, notepad and checklist

    Accounting checklist

    Use our accounting checklist to establish a potential client that could qualify for a capital allowance claim.

  • Technical manual

    Technical Summary Notes

    Here's a short general overview where technical reference points are noted.

  • Key dates on timeline

    Key dates for capital allowances

    Take a look at the numerous changes capital allowance legislation has had over the years.

  • Legal hammer

    Significant legislation changes impacting capital allowances

    Learn what they mean and why it pays to get expert help.

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    Why work with us?

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    • Build and protect client relationships

      While offering the best service possible for your client, you are giving them the confidence that you have uncovered all tax relief available to them. As a result, you are more likely to keep hold of those loyal clients.

      We have a large number of testimonials from clients and accountants who have worked alongside us whilst benefitting from our support.

    • Avoid getting caught out with the intricacies of capital allowance legislation

      With the complex changes made within the capital allowance legislation, it’s so easy to get caught out.  With an expert team on hand, this will help reduce this risk and provide peace of mind that it’s unlikely any legal action will be taken.

      Take a look at a case study where an advisor got caught out resulting in them losing thousands in compensation.

    • Expand your own in-house capital allowance division where you take the credit

      Having an in-house capital allowance division would provide you with an additional team at no extra cost. Whilst improving services for your clients, you will also benefit from expert support and knowledge that would take time to otherwise acquire.

      Read more on how an accountancy firm benefited from our support.

    Where do we fit into your firm?

    What are the associated costs?

    Offering a service is one thing but offering a specialist service is far more valuable. Adding extra value to your business would usually incur costs, however, in this case, it doesn’t. How? We have arrangements in place where you can benefit from our support without having to pay for additional resources or office space. Learn more by reading the article using the link below.

    Puzzle pieces coming together

    Read our article to find out how we can fit perfectly within your accountancy practice at no extra cost.

    Don’t just take our word for it…

    An interview with Lisa Jones, Client Services Director

    Discover what our clients say

    We sat down with Lisa, who we partnered with on a capital allowance claim for her client. Lisa is one of many accountants we work alongside to achieve exceptional results.

    We wanted to know what Lisa felt about the partnership, how much involvement she had with the claim, and most importantly how working together benefitted her team and her client.

    Read more about Lisa’s thoughts

    Lisa Jones form DJH Mitten Clarke testimonial

    Take a look at many more great testimonials from advisors we have worked with.

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